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I hate to junk

As you all know… Owen is growing so fast. He is by far our tallest baby, maybe not chubbiest 😉 Caleb won that prize, but definitely topping the charts in height. With this growth comes the possibility of having to … Continue reading

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Formula Mothers are Ignorant?

I wasn’t going to post about this, but I can’t seem to shake it… I saw a link to THIS POST – that talks about the latest Similac Infant Formula recall… among other things. It was written by “natural news” … Continue reading

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12 Medical Myths?

Sometimes while I feed Owen I read blogs… I admit it.. I do. But let me defend myself a bit and say that Owen eats extremely slow! He sometimes takes 45 minutes – 1 hr to finish a bottle… other … Continue reading

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Am I a "Super Mom?"

Today I got an email from a fellow mom of 3… and she was just writing to chat a bit 😉 but was also asking “How I did it…” How I managed my home with 3 young boys.. How I … Continue reading

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No Pull-up – prize with Short sighted eyes – 9 hrs?!

A little over a week ago we were getting the boys ready for bed… and realized we had no pull ups. Our boys have both been potty trained since age 2… but for some reason they just could not stay … Continue reading

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Why, I don't know

After going through the natural child birth experience… and hearing that I said “I dont know” A LOT haha… to questions like “do you want the epidural, do you want nubane, do you think u can push, do you want … Continue reading

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Learning to be Patient…

Today was one of those days… You know… the kind that start off with you being rushed to get out the door… feeling out of sorts because the clothes aren’t put away, the dishes aren’t done, etc..etc… and at the … Continue reading

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