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Ow-Doggie – 10 months

*the photo to the right is a test shot from Owens session. The flash is set wrong – hence a shadow – but this photo was the only one I got of him standing , since while I adjusted camera … Continue reading

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Owen – 8 Months

Today Owen turned 8 months old! My sweet little man is only a few months shy of turning 1. It really has gone to fast. So, what has changed since Owens last month-day 🙂 He still has 2 teeth. He … Continue reading

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Owen – 7 months

As each month passes, I can’t believe its going so fast! Owen turned 7 months old yesterday! Hes over a half year old… We enjoy him so much. He is by far our most laid back baby… and has brought … Continue reading

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We got smiles

This is a terrible pic… well terrible in the sense its taken with my cell phone, my bathroom is a mess and im in my night shirt… But I had to post it because Owen had the sweetest little smile … Continue reading

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Finally enjoy these…

At age 5 Caleb is finally getting this… How to ride his tricycle… I often got sad any time I saw other kids way younger then Caleb riding their bikes… I wanted him to be able to enjoy that as … Continue reading

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Hes 5?!

It really is weird to say Caleb is 5… I mean when he was 4… it was like he was still a toddler in a way? I mean 4 is closer to 3… and 3 is still considered a toddler… … Continue reading

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Calling all Boy Mamas :)

I am really curious… Calebs 4 1/2.. he will be 5 on Aug. 31st. He was potty trained around 26 months… with the exception of night time.. The 1st year or so after he was trained I didn’t think much … Continue reading

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