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Well I guess I could say “I asked for it” ? or… “we should of known it was coming” – I was crazy picky as a kid. Still am. So why shouldn’t our children be? Well, I was hoping our … Continue reading

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Cooking w/ Caleb

Remember how I posted about wanting to teach my kids how to cook. Well we did 🙂 – and he loved it. Crazy thing is he wont really eat much of what he cooks. I think he gets weirded out … Continue reading

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Inspired to create Chefs

My friend Kelly and I were on the phone yesterday – and we got on the subject of how Anna is cooking. Like following recipes, measuring things, stirring and even flipping! I was impressed. Caleb complains when he has to … Continue reading

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We love baking now

One thing I have really enjoyed doing lately is baking with the boys 🙂 Hey that could be a new blog name? 😉 With our older kitchen we weren’t all able to fit into the kitchen without a fight breaking … Continue reading

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ChickPea Cookies – Videos – iPod Deal

This will be a random post 🙂So lets get started…1st ChickPea Cookies! I got this book from TJMaxx called Deceptively Delicious. Some hate this book some love it. I so far really like it. I have cooked 3 of the … Continue reading

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He learned to spin – "Meeee!"

The weather here in NC has been beautiful. Not to hot.. not to cool. Well maybe a touch hot.. but compared to the 90’s we’ve had its been wonderful! While in the yard I was trying to teach Caleb how … Continue reading

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MarshMallow Cooker!

We made rice crispy treats today.Caleb really loved mixing everything together.. after we finished though he refused to eat it! He thought they were gross cause of how mushy it looked before putting the rice crispies in it… I had … Continue reading

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