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Well, shes still here

To those who may have been curious what happened to our Cat… She is still here… I stuck her outdoors when Owen was a newborn. I couldnt take her any more inside. She kept going into the nursery and refused … Continue reading

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I got tired of the hair

So… Do you think I did it?

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Shes still alive!

As some of you may already know… we threw our cat Dinah out of the house… Before you leave hater comments, just know im not totally heartless. If I had been I would of driven her miles from our home … Continue reading

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Yes, we still have her

Yes… we do still have a cat… Dinah…. I cant say that we LOVE her 🙂 After having to go through surgery for cat scratch… and her having annoying habits… like running around with no brain lol… knocking stuff over, … Continue reading

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Up for Adoption

Long story short.I’m pregnant.I’m tired…I’m sensitive to smells…I have enough to do… I really just want to find her a good home. Shes very social. Once she gets use to you. She enjoys our children… forever follows them. In fact … Continue reading

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She is still around

I dont post about Dinah much 🙂But she is still around. Shes a mess.Weirdest cat..I think she thinks shes one of the kids.She runs around just about as crazy as they do some days.But she also makes no sense… When … Continue reading

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Friday Love Letters – Pets – Part 13

Q: What place does a pet place in you or your child’s life? I think having a pet has taught you two to be more gentle… although both of you at times can be rough.. having Dinah around has really … Continue reading

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