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Genetically altered Bananas?

Caleb threw these into the grocery cart today… I didn’t realize their size until I got home. Seriously… these have got to be genetically altered bananas… Interesting fact about myself too, that some may not know. Bananas are one of … Continue reading

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broken shift – i used a mens bathroom

so… we’re traveling and while we travel i am using my small netbook laptop. its less hassle to carry and super light weight. unfortunately… there is a crumb stuck under the left shift key 🙂 – so if i lack … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Take a CLOSER look

Mmmm hmmm.. hehe, and before you think its CALEB who initiated check out Kellys Blog 🙂 SO CUTE

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Saturday Sentences – Butt

I debated if I should post this or not… just because of the MEN in the audience 🙂 [one being my dad! and brother] BUT I HAD TO. ITS To funny not to remember. At home I often walk around … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – The Before & After

Feel free to give my photos captions 🙂

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Give this photo a Caption :)

What do you think is going on in this photo? 🙂

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(semi) Wordless Wednesday – I really need a girl…

Although I’m sure the girls do this as well…. Can you see the halfway grin on his face?? almost like hes happy he found something. Then… theres Taite…My thought of his thoughts “Yea and? what? So I pick it.”

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