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Sunscreen – no no for Owen?

I saw a friend of mine post about putting sun screen on his newborn. I immediately wanted to post this though to share what I have learned about sunscreen and to maybe bring to new parents attention that its not … Continue reading

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My Feet are CUTE!!

normally.. NOT TODAY!! Forgive the quality photo 🙂 and my chipped toe nails..But well.. this is me today. Swollen feet. No not due to a cute lil baby in the tummy 😉 see post below.. This is caused by our … Continue reading

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Funny yet Sweet :)

I got up this morning and had an email from my friend GINA. She sent me THIS VIDEO. I cant post it live on my blog but if you click that link you can watch it. 🙂 Its funny but … Continue reading

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High Fructose Corn Syrup? Sugar?

I was reading on this site tonight… do you think? What are your thoughts on High Frustose Corn Syrup. I for one avoid it. If its on the label I almost always never purchase it.. BUT in some instances … Continue reading

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Learning to trust…

I havent been able to blog much lately.. atleast not personal stuff 😉 mostly just photos…I have a few minutes before I go to watch the biggest loser finale! Ive been addressing Christmas cards the past hour. Something that has … Continue reading

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The Scar

Well… I took the dressing and bandages off today. I had to. Doctors orders. I was nervous… When I got it off I was surprised at how long the cut was.. I didnt think it be this long… but apparently … Continue reading

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Its not a Cyst

*LONG POST.. NO PICTURES.. SORRY!* 7:30am… went in for surgery.My initial thoughts going in were pretty calm… I was more worried about getting a bath before going in and shaving my legs haha then I was the actual surgery. Once … Continue reading

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