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See this face…

He looks innocent doesnt he?… Taite is very expressive…. so expressive that I know when he is up to something even from 50 feet across a park. The problem is getting to him in time before the expression is over. … Continue reading

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411 of the week

Just a bit of 411 for all readers… We have a bunch of wonderful giveaways going on over at SIMPLE (the other blog I write on). We are giving away some Eleven Shoes (childrens shoes – readers choice), a wonderful … Continue reading

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Taite… discovering things

Taite has discovered his butt… and what he calls his “wing wing.” I think hes a bit confused though… because he calls both the actual thing and his belly button the same thing. 🙂 Potty training today went fantastic. 1 … Continue reading

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Rash, may as well start

Yesterday Taite got the most horrible diaper rash. The boy loves OJ in the morning… and I think he has a tad to much acid in his system… resulting in the most killer acidic rashes! With the rash being so … Continue reading

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Practicing to be…

Sunday morning Travis was putting on his neck tie… as usual… when Caleb came up to him and asked for one. Travis then put on a snoopy neck tie on Caleb… and Caleb proceeded to practice being grown. He then … Continue reading

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You vote..

I had someone tell me they werent to keen on the color editing of my banner. This is someone whos opinion I value… so I was not offended at all. I thought Id take her advice though and make the … Continue reading

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Weekly Winners – Sept 22 – 28

Before I start the weekly winners… I just have to say if you are married or dating… a must see movie is FIRE PROOF! IT WAS AWESOME! I encourage you to see it… spend the $15.00 or so on two … Continue reading

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