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This morning my friend Angela and I will head to the nearby town for TRIPLES.This will be my 3rd time doing triple coupons. It takes a lot of organization and prep work… but well worth it. We plan to go … Continue reading

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Learning to Save – Used & Coupons

One thing recently that I have tried to do is save…With the cost of living being so tight… and my wanting to help out more with special family things… like our summer vacation 🙂I am doing all I can to … Continue reading

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Lost – Coupon

Am I the only mom who has issues loosing her cell phone? I lost my OLD cell phone weekly. It was tiny though.I upgraded to a new one (that was chunkier)… havent lost it since until now.Its been lost for … Continue reading

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My 1st Triples / Doubles

SO! I went to Harris Teeter (BTW that is a big grocery store here in NC)..They were having TRIPLE coupons under a $1.00So a coupon worth $.50 cent was worth $1.50. Make sense? Any how.. its all to much to … Continue reading

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Great Sale

Get next years Halloween Costumes at $9.99 w/ a 20% off coupon! I found this today and thought it was to good not to share 🙂CLICK HERE

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