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Birthday Party for M&M

My friend Dedra’s little boys had their birthday party today. She hired me to take photos throughout the party… which you know… is smart! I cannot imagine having twins and having to worry with the camera… and since these are … Continue reading

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Friday Love Letters – Fashion – Part 11

Q: What place does fashion place in your child’s life? Fashion…Well… Honestly its weird. You two wake up some days and will leave the house in a dragon costume, Knight hats and swords… or pajamas… Other days you (Caleb) will … Continue reading

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While they were Sleeping…

I started reading this book a while ago called “While they were Sleeping” by Anne Arkins & Gary Harrell. I read it occasionally before prayer time… and find the scriptures in it very powerful and fitting for what is said … Continue reading

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68 and Beautiful, can't complain!

NC is a crazy place for weather changes.Earlier in the week cold… 30’s, 40’s or so…Today 68 and Beautiful! We had a park day đŸ™‚Taite slept on the way… I managed to keep both boys awake on the 25 minute … Continue reading

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The lick Lip, in front some

Sometimes my husband will grab the camera and snap a few… heres a couple he got… Now… The Lick lip.For the past month we have battled a new habit of Calebs… He sucks/licks the top and bottom lip… so much … Continue reading

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Maybe I have some still in me…

Growing up I considered myself a bit of a tom boy. My husband doesn’t believe it.. SINCE im such a girly girl now… but… really.. I was. I loved playing in the creek by the house, the woods, building forts … Continue reading

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Attention all people I did templates for…

*TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT HAD A BLOG MAKE OVER BY ME… PLEASE BY ALL MEANS SKIP THIS POST… THIS IS FOR ONLY THOSE IVE DONE BLOG WORK FOR* I have done countless templates the past few years… that I … Continue reading

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