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A 1st!

Last night around 5:30 AM Caleb woke up saying “mama…. mama….” in a real needed way. He didnt sound scared… it was just a call out for me.So after a few seconds I go up to check on him.I asked … Continue reading

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Just some fun w/ students

Had to post this picture 🙂Me w/ some of our Jr. High Students tonight at bible study. *click image for larger view* – see more at Also – Me and Caleb at the church playground today (cell pix) *VIDEO* … Continue reading

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Undies for 7 hours and no accidents!

Well as a result of Caleb having such an awful diaper rash… the past two days ive tried really hard to keep him in “undies.” This way it keeps hit butt away from any moisture… resulting in that rash healing … Continue reading

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27.2 weeks pregnant!

Well I am feel SOOO huge right now its insane.I dont remember feeling this big w/ Caleb.. .maybe because I didn’t know what to expect with him… but knowing I still have weeks to go… and I’m not even 7 … Continue reading

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Tidbit Story… Halloween Bowl

Today Caleb and I went to ‘Pamida’ (sort of like Walmart… but way smaller) to return something. While I filled out a “return” slip thing at the customer service desk Caleb wonders off to this bowl on an empty table… … Continue reading

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Major Diaper Rash… :-(

The past two days Caleb has had the most awful diaper rash. *click image for larger view* – Caleb reading in the car He has never really been proned to rashes… He had one other bad rash months ago like … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Painting… and Yuki

Well we have to get rid of the famous Yuki… We thoughthe may be adopted by a lil’ boy at our church… but thats not happening.For good reasons though. Our landlord wont let us keep Yuki though… we asked… and … Continue reading

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