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Help me – Etsy Shop?

So I am going to start a small etsy shop to sell some “nature” prints for fun. My mom inspired me to do this 🙂 by showing me some prints she purchased from someone on etsy. It will be slow … Continue reading

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Beauty where I grew up

These photos were taken in my parents front yard… where I grew up. Beautiful isn’t it? My dad told me it was a “Purple Beautyberry.”

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Very Thankful

Well yesterdays post sure generated some comments 🙂 Many good… some in-between… others down right UGLY… I think throughout all of them though.. I have realized and I hope others have too… That nursing is a choice each mother has … Continue reading

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Formula Mothers are Ignorant?

I wasn’t going to post about this, but I can’t seem to shake it… I saw a link to THIS POST – that talks about the latest Similac Infant Formula recall… among other things. It was written by “natural news” … Continue reading

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Where he rides

Honestly, with an 18 pound baby and tight quarters… you can’t very well hold them the entire time in your arms… at least I can’t. Maybe I need to lift weights again. With crowded places the idea of pushing a … Continue reading

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Photography FAQ

This is on my PHOTO BLOG – but many of my readers here don’t read that… so I wanted to post it on both blogs, in order to help get this out there… FAQ “For those interested in Photography” I … Continue reading

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Lady w/ 10 kids? – toilet skirt

This past weekend I attended my maid of honor’s wedding! Its been almost 8 years since that time 🙂 and finally she was getting married. I think the norm was more her 😉 I was one of her 1st high … Continue reading

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