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Cell Phone Pix Fun

*Click image for full-size view* On my husbands side of the family they have a very particular look… their “hard looks.” Caleb has this gene 100%! haha. He always gives people this hard look as he shows in the above … Continue reading

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The Pond is now open

Our friend Jodi’s mom has this really nice private pond. Its treated with special chemicals so there isnt bad bacteria in it. So its safe for children… Its such a pretty place to swim and enjoy the weather. They even … Continue reading

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No Poopie Diapers for a week!

This week has been so cool with potty training Caleb. He has done REALLY well.I havent had to change a poopie diaper in 7 days now… and no he isnt constipated πŸ™‚He has gone each day on the potty. Im … Continue reading

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Bath Photos

After Calebs nap this afternoon he got up and went potty… and then kept on pointing at the tub. He rarely does this… because he isnt to fond of bath time… he doesnt like his head getting wet or his … Continue reading

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Video Montage

I made a video montage today… Its a video looking back on my life over the 3 years… starting w/ dating Travis. Kinda neat.I got the idea from my friend Gina’s Site.Its pretty neat check it out its free. reading

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Poor Ms. Kitty…

A few weeks ago when my parents came to visit we sorta adopted a stray cat. My dad saw this little cat wondering around… skinny as a rail. My dad being the soft hearted guy he is said we should … Continue reading

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So much for Undies ;-)

mood: amused Last night Travis and I had a concert to go to. Some of our students were singing in the high school choir. So we had to go πŸ™‚ We couldnt find a baby sitter… so we brought Caleb … Continue reading

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