Over the past 6 years of blogging, I have decided to finally offer paid ads on my site… BUT there’s a small catch 😉
I MUST LOVE your site in order for it to even qualify…

Any company I showcase on my side bar is a company I have tried personally and love.
So if you are an interested company, let me try your services 1st and you should be set, that is, if I love your product.

So that being said 🙂

If you meet the qualifications here are the sizes and cost…

GRANDE – 175×255 – $50 per month – Currently only one spot left under the Sleepywrap Ad

ORIGINAL – 125×255 – $35 per month – Currently 2 available

PETITE – 125×125 – $10 per month – Currently 8 available

– Ads can be costume made to fit these sizes.
– I only feature STATIC ads, meaning no motion ads please.

Payment must be paid 1st of each month or ad will be taken down.

Payments must be made via paypal.

If you would like to purchase an ad e-mail me at

Ad may be taken down at any time…
You can pay up to 3 months in advance if you’d like as well.

Why advertise on my blog?

– Its a great way to draw traffic to your services/shops. Because my sponsors have to be from shops I have used and trust, readers take that into real consideration and are more incline to shop.

::To those interested in Stats – I get around 15,000 unique hits per month::

– To those curious why I offer sponsors…
As a WAHM and a larger family… I am trying hard to find ways to help aid my family financially… being able to do this is an incredible blessing to our family… and I also enjoy doing it, because I get to share some of my favorite shops with others.


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