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I remember being taught…

“One Nation… Under God….”Funny how today the President can say over and over…. “We are not a Christian Nation” I pray for our children and the future they will have to face because of where this country is headed… Advertisements

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New Purse – A niff of mine…

1st let me show explain the purse photo. *Caleb took it* A lady in our church had this cute purse that looked like those vera bradly purses… and I asked her where she got it. She told me the local … Continue reading

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"They were very good, really!"

A guy came up to us yesterday after finishing his meal (the booth behind ours) and said “They were very good!” and I know we probably looked stunned and we said “Oh well thank you!” and he then said “No … Continue reading

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You ever get looks?

*click images for larger views*This afternoon Travis and I (w/ the kids, of course) went to a Hospital (abt 35 minutes away) to visit a lady in our church who just had surgery. I decided to stay down in the … Continue reading

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Heart of a Mother

I am posting this today just because I may not have the chance on Mothers Day.Mothers Day is not always a joyful time for all women. I remember hearing the Testimony’s of many women in Seminary who had a hard … Continue reading

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7 Randoms & 1 Lesson

I’ve been tagged! By a sweet fellow blogger at So here goes… 7 random things about me (I think Ive already done this tag… so ill try and think up 7 new things) *click image for larger view* – … Continue reading

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Slow torture :-)

After 13 long hours we FINALLY got to NC…The trip went fairly well. It was just long. With Caleb having to pee every 2-3 hrs and Taite having to eat every 3 hrs… inbetween… it well… took a little longer … Continue reading

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