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A switch-a-roo 4 SLEEP

For a good while now… id say a half a year now 🙂 – our boys have been having issues with sleep. They did sleep… but we felt like they weren’t sleeping enough… and then recently started waking up at … Continue reading

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Record my Wacker? lol

Yesterday while out in the yard with the boys… Travis decided to trim around the house with the weed eater (what I call the wacker). In case you’ve never heard a weed eater up close.. its rather loud! So here … Continue reading

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Distasteful Duties…?

2am… yet another hard night. I debated again tonight about taking the “AMBIEN” to sleep… my midwife prescribed it to me.. so I know its got to be safe… but theres just this part of me that hates depending on … Continue reading

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No Sleep, hes smart! :)

For some time now we have faced issues with Caleb getting up way to early. No matter what time we put him down he is up before the sun… this morning I believe my husband said he was up before … Continue reading

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I should be napping.. so should he

Caleb gets up super early.. yet most days refuses to nap. I should be napping.. but im nervous that if I zonk out now ill over sleep… and be in a rush before this afternoons session. Ohhh well! Maybe ill … Continue reading

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Busy prepping for a newborn shoot today and cleaning the house.I didnt get to bed til 5:30am last night. Heh. yea.. For some reason I cant sleep these days!So I doubt ill be up for much blogging til tomorrow. Heres … Continue reading

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Whats that Noise – 6am to bed? – Bible in a Year

I purchased a book a while ago off ebay called “Whats that Noise” I dont know the author right off 🙂 sorry.. When I got the book though over a year ago it quickly became one of Calebs favorites. The … Continue reading

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