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Front Facing Moby

Today I put Taite in the moby wrap front facing. I thought he may be to young for this… but he did great! He isnt even 2 months old yet he is able to hold his head up great. He … Continue reading

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Back Carry

Today I manage to carry Taite on my back in the Moby.Wasnt easy! I think with practice though ill get the hang of it… but it seriously was hard.. I think because he is so tiny it was hard to … Continue reading

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Want 2 try a wrap? but don't want to buy one?

Today I went by a Joann’s Fabrics and grabbed some cotton fabric that was onsale for $1.96 a yard. Not bad ๐Ÿ™‚ The fabric is a Sienna Orange color.I decided to pick it up because I wanted to try making … Continue reading

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Swaddling w/ a Ribbon?

On I saw an online video teaching how to swaddle your baby w/ a ribbon. I clicked it and found the style of wrapping very interesting.. SO! I tried it ๐Ÿ™‚ *Click image for larger view* – Taite swaddled … Continue reading

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Taites 1st SuperBowl Party!

Tonight we had a huge superbowl party for local teens in our town. Im not sure the exact number that showed up… but it had to of been well over 100 students. Crazy!I had my moby wrap of course… theres … Continue reading

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One downfall 2 Onesies

Taite had yet another blow out… Im serious… Caleb NEVER pooped like this ๐Ÿ™‚Atleast not this early…Any how. This poop went all the way up Taites back… it was so runny and so icky on the onesie he had on … Continue reading

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Red Dog Pacifier :-)

So last night at 4am while feeding Taite I came across the coolest thing!One thing I remember very well with Caleb was having a hard time at night with pacifier issues. Before Caleb was old enough to have the fine … Continue reading

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