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I'm Back!

Well I am finally back from my long 10 day trip to Charlotte, NC.It was a great trip. The weather was a tad hot for my liking… but besides the weather the trip went just wonderful. Caleb had a great … Continue reading

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Just hanging out in bed

Nothing much to say just a few photos of Caleb and I resting in the bed 🙂 or are we just pretending to rest?… The huge lump next to me is a pillow to protect the “baby” haha.. Caleb has … Continue reading

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We got soaked!

Tonight while riding an extremely slow kiddy ride at Cedar Point it starts to sprinkle… I knew the second I felt the 1st drop we were fixing to get slammed w/ a huge down pour of rain. We had no … Continue reading

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More Henna! and live kittens!

Last night I went over to one of our students houses to swim. Turned out our friend Jodi was over there w/ her kids. So I had her husband when he came bring over her Henna stuff.She ended up giving … Continue reading

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18.1 weeks and counting

Well I am 2 weeks away from being 5 months pregnant.I took a photo today to showcase the recent belly growth. I’m really starting to poke out more.I’m not sure how much weight Ive gained. I dont think its much… … Continue reading

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Cedar Point evening w/ T and M

Tonight Travis and I went to Cedar Point. We took along two of our students Taylor and Miah (sisters). It was a lot of fun… the only crummy thing was that the park was EXTREMELY CROWDED… like way way WAY … Continue reading

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Well the other night we gave Caleb a bath… and to our surprise he didnt cry! I wonder though if its because we took our sliding bathtub doors off… we have these annoying glass doors that slide to let you … Continue reading

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