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What ill be watching…

During the boys nap today…. I have a membership with netflix and if you do, you can watch this as well. I havent seen it yet… so dont quote me on if its good or bad 🙂 A friend of … Continue reading

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Its not a Cyst

*LONG POST.. NO PICTURES.. SORRY!* 7:30am… went in for surgery.My initial thoughts going in were pretty calm… I was more worried about getting a bath before going in and shaving my legs haha then I was the actual surgery. Once … Continue reading

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I don't know how people do it…

Today for the 2nd morning I woke up gagging… major greengoo stuff almost skin like (Gross I know) being coughed up. It was horrible! I thought yesterday that I could withstand another day of it and possibly get the surgeon … Continue reading

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My 1st Surgery

Today I went to talk to a surgeon about a lump I had on my shoulder. I knew before going in what it was… but I just had to see him so he could confirm it and tell me what … Continue reading

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My struggle right now

*click all images for larger views*Right now I am dealing with a NASTY rash. And not so much nasty because of how it looks… but nasty because of how it feels. Ive been battling this rash for at least 2 … Continue reading

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