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More nesting? what to do with kids!

So…. my nesting continued today… and lets just say this job involved A LOT of furniture moving. I was unable to do it myself though 🙂 Despite my desire to do it. Travis helped me and oddly enough he really … Continue reading

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4am Nesting?

2:30am Taite is found beside our bed on a body pillow… making lil noises… He then says he cant sleep because “he cant keep his covers on?” Who knows. Travis puts him back in bed. Afterwards I lay in bed … Continue reading

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Made with Love – Guess the Date

This morning I ventured out with the boys to buy a few groceries… I haven’t gone with BOTH of them alone for some time… I just couldnt risk doing to much and ending up in the hospital again. Since I … Continue reading

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Voice & Guitar…

I really do enjoy the simplicity of a voice & guitar. This young lady and her husband came to sing at our church to help raise some money for missions. Shes also related to some church members of ours. Oh … Continue reading

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Babywearing COMING!

Noooo im not in Labor! 🙂 But I HAD to post this photo… I saw it on one of my fav. blogs Marvelous Kiddo. How awesome is this photograph: *View the photographers photo stream HERE* My babywearing days are coming … Continue reading

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The 36th Week

Those of you who keep up with me via facebook already know this weeks been difficult. Sunday night I had contractions from 9pm-3am every 3-5 minutes. STRONG. I decided not to take my AMBIEN out of fear id be a … Continue reading

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I was noticing the other day that majority of the photos I post of my kids are Taite. This is not on purpose 🙂 Taite is just more willing right now. I get the camera out and it seems like … Continue reading

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