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Sleep Deprived pick Up – Babywearing Husband

Our routine the past few nights has been for me to keep Owen most of the night… since im nursing theres really no point for Travis to stay up in the room with us.. so hes been using our guestroom/nursery … Continue reading

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Gooo & Paint

This morning I decided to break out the face paint I got for our churches fall festival tomorrow evening. Since it was a new batch of paint I wanted to test it out 1st… before putting it on other peoples … Continue reading

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Daddy Day – Science Museum

Yesterday Travis planned to be gone the ENTIRE DAY. He knew I was tired and needed a break… and since he was going to be gone most of Saturday at a church meeting… he figured that was the day to … Continue reading

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When they fight…

over one “real batman cape”… take the real one away and grab some old fabric… rig up your own MATCHING capes… and problem solved 🙂 As you can see I am no seamstress 🙂I seriously just cut these up in … Continue reading

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I'll decide next time

Taite is known for his beautiful blue eyes…and ohh so sweet blonde hair…. right? Well… This morning while cutting Travis hair.. Travis looks at the boys and says “They need cuts…” I typically cut their hair with scissors.. trimming as … Continue reading

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Stop Drop & Pray

Caleb is so sweet… he came up to daddy just now and said “I wish you felt better.” Daddy “You can say a prayer for me” Caleb drops to the floor as soon as his daddy said this and began … Continue reading

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I hope my boys realize…

How blessed they are to have a daddy who loves spending time with them. Who goes out of his way to be around. Who sits down at night to read stories with them when mommy has dishes to wash. Who … Continue reading

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