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Home Schooling Progress

Many of you know that we have been debating about home schooling. I was the one mostly reserved about it… where my husband was totally for it from the get go. We decided to give it a go after much … Continue reading

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Never to late for Christmas lights…

Tonight while grabbing a few groceries… I ran into a client of mine. We got to chatting and she told me she was taking her boys to see the lights in a nearby town. I meant to find a place … Continue reading

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My new Shelf – New Desk – New Entertainment Center

Since getting pregnant I knew my studio was going to have to be reorganized. It was currently only used for a guestroom… so it was a tad unorganized and had no storage. I basically kept everything piled around the room … Continue reading

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The 28th week – 7 month mark

    See that wonderful green Cabbage? Thats about what our little man looks like right now… well I mean not really.. but his size is about that size 🙂 Our baby isnt quiet so green I dont think. I … Continue reading

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50% off House

While doing some “after Christmas shopping” at the local walmart… I like to buy all my wrapping paper and such after Christmas… saves a lot! I saw the ginger bread houses for 50% off… I mean really… $5.00… included everything … Continue reading

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He Grew the Tree Solo

My friend Jackie from church had her lil digital camera sunday… so we got a video of us singing together. The song is called He Grew the Tree. I cant post the video directly to my blog but you can … Continue reading

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Handmade wool hats :) SO CUTE

My mom always finds the cutest clothes for my boys. She got them cute sunday vest with some new pants… to go along with them she made the most adorable wool hats for them!! I even got one 😉 and … Continue reading

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