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Puggle & Cubby – 15th Week

A month ago our church launched its 1st year of Awana. We were so excited to start this! I am working with the PUGGLES group (ages 2) and Travis is working with T&T (like 3rd-6th grade?). So far everything is … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Take a CLOSER look

Mmmm hmmm.. hehe, and before you think its CALEB who initiated check out Kellys Blog 🙂 SO CUTE

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Camera Strap Love

A month or two ago I purchased some camera strap covers off an etsy shop that was relocating. I got 3 of them… gave one to my 2nd shooter who helps me with weddings, one for myself and then had … Continue reading

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Sinus Infection for Me…

Sat. I noticed my ear feeling funny.. a bit uneasy.. not normal. Sunday even more. It felt like it was under a lot of pressure… I had no other symptoms though so I didnt think to much.. but knew that … Continue reading

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Once a year our town has a stampee’d (aka festival type thing, crafts, etc..etc..) downtown. Its fun to go to. It sure beats the GIGANTIC festivals Ive gone to in my parents town (charlotte, nc)… those are just insanely crowded. … Continue reading

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Saturday Sentences – "That's not Dinah's"

Sometimes during the boys naps… our toilets dont get flushed. They are just a little loud and I dont like them being flushed in fear of the noise waking the boys. [Our boys are very light sleepers] During a nap … Continue reading

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Is there something funny about this picture??…. BTW the post OVER HERE…. those who guessed PICKING his nose… then grabbing a snack were right… 🙂

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