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Our new Step – Goat Milk Stuff

Ever notice that once you become a mother, it gives you the strangest new addictions. Like SIPPY CUPS? Am I the only one who loves finding cool sippy cups for my kids? Caleb now laughs when I ask him if … Continue reading

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Homemade Detergent

I’ve had people still emailing me about my “homemade detergent” recipe. I thought id post a new post with the recipe again, for those who missed it years ago ๐Ÿ™‚ To start, heres what you need… Ingredients: 1. 1 bar … Continue reading

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And people think Cloth Diapers are hard

I think cloth diapering companies everywhere should pay me to show this video HAHA. Cause seriously, Caleb who is 5 is showcasing the ease of cloth diapering right here! Sure its a little extra work… you have to WASH something … Continue reading

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DIY: All Purpose Cleaner *updated*

I was running low on my all purpose cleaner… I was going to just go buy another bottle next time I ran to walmart… but decided to try a different method. I’ve wanted to make my own cleaner for some … Continue reading

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Why not?!

For some time now Caleb has caused some unusual drama with his clothing. He is very anal about what he wears and how it fits. If the shirt is long sleeve and the sleeve is to tight or to short, … Continue reading

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I've blogged this before, BUT MAN!!

This morning my friend Angela and I went to do triple coupon shopping. Whenever I do my grocery shopping I always try to take my reusable bags. I have a good few of them… but by far my favorite bags … Continue reading

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I hate almonds but I love this

I am not a fan of almonds…Really dislike the taste ๐Ÿ™‚Sorry… I think the only nut I really care for is a cashew or peanut… but even those im not crazy about. I have found something about almond though that … Continue reading

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