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What time do your kids wake up? – Tag

Last night the boys went down well…Caleb was ASLEEP by 7:00pm HAHAHA.He was OUT! Taite though wasnt… and around 7:40 I heard tapping… went in he was up playing w/ a toy car. Caleb on the other hand didnt seem … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday/Babywearing Photo Tag

Since I was a baby things have really changed in many ways.One of those ways is the way we carry our children…(Atleast for us in the USA. Babywearing has been very popular overseas for many years… and the babywearing most … Continue reading

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7 Randoms & 1 Lesson

I’ve been tagged! By a sweet fellow blogger at So here goes… 7 random things about me (I think Ive already done this tag… so ill try and think up 7 new things) *click image for larger view* – … Continue reading

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