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Matching Names with a Picture

A while ago I posted about a gift I got with our boys names on it. I have no clue where that post is (anyone with skills on finding old post can comment linking people) 😉 – but after Owen … Continue reading

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Nap's and Schooling

Owen Naps in the morning… MOST days… but when he doesn’t – schooling can be a challenge. Im finding ways to make it work 🙂 – although I do prefer the naps – over trying to keep the Owster entertained … Continue reading

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"Take that off"

I couldn’t help myself. After a week inside – surviving a stomach flu raid on our home – My hair stayed wrapped in this thing… after all – if you dont have to leave the house – why fix your … Continue reading

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I know people reading my blog must think I spend hours every day sitting at a computer. That my kids are neglected and that I have a computer addiction 🙂 Even my friend commented on the phone how I have … Continue reading

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TP & Print Boxes – recycled!

Theres a list on my side bar, some of you may of noticed… With a list of projects I want to complete. Ive completed 2 of those! This weekend I made a WIPE COVER for my huggies wipe case – … Continue reading

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Wake Up

Sometimes I have to wake Owen up… if I dont, he will nap all morning – then refuse his afternoon nap – which is when I get “my stuff” done – aka work out, devotions, print orders, etc… So even … Continue reading

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His form of communication

So… maybe Owen was trying to communicate to me here 🙂 Remember his Owl hat my mom made him? Its so stinkin’ cute! But I think sometimes Owen just wants his head to breathe – and well, this particular day … Continue reading

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