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The Belly Deflatation

Tonight I got into a discussion with a friend who just had a baby. She mentioned to me how she felt she needed to loose weight… (which is silly because she looks fantastic to me!) but I then agreed how … Continue reading

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I used a… Pregnancy Test

So! This morning a friend of mine… This one (below in the center – the pregnant one) Calls me up and was going to head over to my house around lunch time to pick up her daughters bathing suit… Before … Continue reading

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The details…

Ive wanted to write a post all day sharing some more details from the birth… but with so many interruptions, and lack of sleep 🙂 it just isn’t happening yet hah… But I did want to share how much I … Continue reading

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Update on Laboring

This must be one of those labor experiences that last for a very long time. As you all know I lost “the plug” (thats for you Micah lol) yesterday… With my other two boys I actually never lost this. So … Continue reading

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St. Patricks Day Egg

I did something this morning I’ve never done… I made GREEN PANCAKES!!!!!!! Not sure why I wanted to… but Its St. Patricks Day and I was feeling “creative” haha… and thought the boys might enjoy green pancakes… so … well… … Continue reading

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Just keep moving

Made the choice NOT to go into the hospital last night despite very strong contractions. Baby is still moving a lot. Figured if I am in true labor… it be better to labor at home. (Even tho we are taking … Continue reading

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Incase ppl don't realize

I am thankful to be pregnant. On my blog I try to be very honest… but at the same time consider others. I think the past few weeks I have been a bit “slack” at watching what I say.. and … Continue reading

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