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Preparing our hearts

My husband and I both started reading a book 1st of the year called Parenting in the Pew. He is done with it, I however am still on Chapter 5… I had to start another book for the ladies bible … Continue reading

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Its just a mess!

The past few days – and really the past week – we’ve been battling colds in our home. It wasn’t so bad at 1st – because it was just Taite who was sick… … but days later Owen started showing … Continue reading

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Undie Bath

Not to long ago I put up a post wondering when my kids would get to old to take baths together. Since we have all boys I havent really worried about it much. One day recently however Caleb told me … Continue reading

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Mommy don't leave, oh, but I need too :)

This is the face I saw as I prepared to leave for a ladies night… But… despite his cuteness and my love for my boys… I needed a break. As a mom, of any number of kids, there is a … Continue reading

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Yesterday we arrived at my parents. Travel to visit my parents is never easy… Its only a 5 hour trip, but it seems more like 10. Our boys are not good “car sleepers” – and it doesnt seem to matter … Continue reading

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A new favorite quote…

I saw this today on Marvelous Kiddo and had to post it! “If I had my child to raise all over again, I’d build self-esteem first, and the house later. I’d finger-paint more, and point the finger less. I would … Continue reading

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Need more time or…

Some days I sit and wish… for just one more hour… An hour more to get laundry done. An hour more to get a nap. An hour more to just veg and watch a TV. An hour more to blog … Continue reading

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