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Dental 1st – No Meltdown!

Almost 3 years ago we attempted to take Caleb to the dentist. I did the whole “let them watch you get poked and prodded, and they’ll do fine, right?” WRONG hah! Caleb at age 3 had a MAJOR MELT DOWN, … Continue reading

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Weren't you just 1?

As I sit here alone as you and your brothers nap… I look through old albums online & realize… “Wow…. he really is 6” I still remember when you were 1st born… I had just turned 21 and didn’t at … Continue reading

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Super Swim Party

We decided this year to have Calebs birthday party at a pool. We attended a birthday party at a pool a month before Caleb’s & we loved how well everyone played together. No need for lots of toys… or messes… … Continue reading

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Caleb is…

SUCH A GOOD BIG BROTHER! He adores Owen… I look forward to seeing their relationship grow 🙂 & see the personality differences between Caleb, Taite & Owen. They are all SO different. Even as a baby, Owen has different personality … Continue reading

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Shirt #2 Reveal – oo… and Kitchen REVEAL!!

Ok… SO I was going to wait longer to post these reveals, but I just had to now. As you can see to the right, this is the AFTER shot of yesterdays BEFORE dress . I wanted to get a … Continue reading

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Shirt #2

Ok so I got crafty again. Another $.25 cent find at the bargin shop 🙂 Im going to be a tease and post the before now and the after tomorrow This before pic is SO FUNNY!! and you all cant … Continue reading

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5 months, and a few days?

Well… Im getting so behind on keeping up with Owens “monthly” milestone post… You’d think with it only being once a month id remember,… BUT, life happens and with 3 little ones its honestly hard to remember what day it … Continue reading

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