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Why I don't eat it

Yesterday evening I went grocery shopping… alone 🙂 – ahhh so peaceful… We needed just about everything – and while shopping around I lingered to the sausage isle… My husband likes sausage and he has gotten my boys to enjoy … Continue reading

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Genetically altered Bananas?

Caleb threw these into the grocery cart today… I didn’t realize their size until I got home. Seriously… these have got to be genetically altered bananas… Interesting fact about myself too, that some may not know. Bananas are one of … Continue reading

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St. Patricks Day Egg

I did something this morning I’ve never done… I made GREEN PANCAKES!!!!!!! Not sure why I wanted to… but Its St. Patricks Day and I was feeling “creative” haha… and thought the boys might enjoy green pancakes… so … well… … Continue reading

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I am craving a Beriyo (From TCBY) BADDDDD. We got one of these a few weeks ago in Delaware… Mmmm.. it was soooo yummy…As you can see Burger enjoyed a good bit as well. Im determined to get something like … Continue reading

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ALREADY?… Really… Cravings at 2 months? Thats just not right. MAN I WANT AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH NOW! That lil cow one lol.

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The other day we had grilled chicken, home-made french fries (baked), carrots and tomato for lunch… Healthy meal, right? I loved it, Travis loved it.. The kids… well. They ate the carrots? WEIRD…Who doesnt like home made french fries! They … Continue reading

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Their Face, Lunch

You never get tired of seeing it… Even when its not a smile 🙂 Today I fixed the boys some soup, carrots, apples, goldfish and a vitamin gummy.I’m trying to do better at being more balanced in what we feed … Continue reading

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