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Noodles, Fortune Cookies, Chalk, Carrots, DumDum, Snow and Sticks = Snowman

Lets just say, this snowman was heavy 🙂 And im sure as people pass our house, heads will turn. Our Noodle, Fortune Cookie, Chalk, Carrots, DumDum, Snow and Stick built snowman is HUGE. Taller than Travis, who is right at … Continue reading

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We had 1 hr while my parents watched Owen… before they made the 4-5 hr trip back… So the boys, Travis and I bundled up and were on our way to my friend Kelly’s house to sled. It went well. … Continue reading

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Can you tell

We are enjoying all this snow. Sure its messy… Results in lots of extra laundry… Sloppy wet roads… and cold hands and feet… but how beautiful it is! More pics to come later… and a video 🙂

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Foot Long

7:20am this morn, 17 degrees… I was outside taking pictures 🙂 Our roof we now know officially looses lots of heat. Not good for heat cost… but good for making killer icicles!! These were over a foot long.

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He approved

Well despite us being house bound 🙂 The snow has been so beautiful. Its still snowing (9pm sun night – its been going all day!) As of now I think we have like 8 inches? maybe more… I took Owen … Continue reading

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I love photos of people fishing. Not sure why… just seems peaceful… one thing… I dont like however, is the bait 🙂 My friends kids LOVED them though 🙂 and nope, she doesnt have just boys 😉 and I say … Continue reading

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Camp Out

I’ve mentioned on my blog maybe once or twice how we decided to enroll Caleb into boy scouts this year. Since we are home schooling we felt it would be wise to get him involved into some activities. Since Caleb … Continue reading

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