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Help me out

We arent alarm type of people.. we dont quickly jump to taking our kids to the Doctor… unless something really worries us. Taite had a fever for two days. Started at 103.5. Next day 99… and then the following day … Continue reading

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Well.. it wasnt like I planned, but…

I dont have the time or the energy to write about the trip.. Lets just say it wasnt like I planned…. BUT I think it was a good learning experience… and I feel that Christ used this time (as hard … Continue reading

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Aldi's Love

I like to go to a store called Aldi’s whenever possible. Its located about 35 minutes away… so to go that far with gas as high as it is.. means I have to stock up. I had a few items … Continue reading

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Wrapping it up for this week

Tomorrow after an early lunch I will be on my way to my cousin Carole’s wedding.This is a very exciting trip for me. My cousins and I were inseparable from birth until about age 8? and then due to family … Continue reading

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Burger Bug

Taite woke up this morning upset… crying.. and shaky.He felt very warm. This is Taites 1st real fever.To my knowledge he has never had a fever…Poor thing does not like the feeling! Im puzzled as to what cause may be. … Continue reading

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Stool Find and Gas in NC

The other day I was at Target w/ my mom and was browsing the DOLLAR section they now have. I have been in the market for some new stools for my boys. We have one tiny stool I got back … Continue reading

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Semi Wordless Wednesday – Impact!!!

*I had to add that my Caleb up until recently hated water on his face… ears…etc… in the bath tub its hard to even wash his hair… he almost always cries… or gets scared. Once he got into his pool … Continue reading

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