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Does this make my butt look big?

One of the little silly joys of cloth diapering 🙂 Oh and having to buy pants a few sizes bigger to fit. Advertisements

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Is it worth it?

As you all may already know, I cloth diaper. I started cloth diapering with my 2nd son Taite when he was about 4 months old. One day while browsing the internet I came across some cloth diaper sites… and the … Continue reading

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And people think Cloth Diapers are hard

I think cloth diapering companies everywhere should pay me to show this video HAHA. Cause seriously, Caleb who is 5 is showcasing the ease of cloth diapering right here! Sure its a little extra work… you have to WASH something … Continue reading

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Diaper Cuteness

Ok seriously, how adorable is this cloth diaper cover… Want one? I am giving away a WINNERS CHOICE over at SIMPLE. All you have to do is comment telling me which diaper you’d like. So check it out HERE.

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Hang Dry while Rainy?

Some have asked me how I hang my cloth diapers to dry when its rainy out… I have found if you hang dry them it reduces wear and tear… I typically hang dry EVERYTHING including my inserts.. but inside it … Continue reading

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Squirt those Diapers!

Some of you have emailed me asking about cloth diapering. Ive posted about what I use before so I wont get into that today 🙂 I did however want to give my little “tip” 🙂 on WASHING the poo-ness out. … Continue reading

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Cloth Diapering Now

I have started cloth diapering with Owen already… Im using: Newborn unbleached indian prefolds Bum Genius Bamboo fitteds (no longer made so they are hard to find, they are so nice tho, its a shame they dont sell them any … Continue reading

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