broken shift – i used a mens bathroom

so… we’re traveling and while we travel i am using my small netbook laptop. its less hassle to carry and super light weight. unfortunately… there is a crumb stuck under the left shift key šŸ™‚ – so if i lack CAPS thats why… its weird using the right shift key šŸ™‚


*my mom with owen this morning*

ill have lots to share after the trip… but i thought id share one story while it was fresh on my mind.

we went to transportation museum this afternoon… and while there i had to find a restroom. i dont mind blogging this šŸ™‚ since, well, we all pee lol, so its nothing to private :-)… but ive had a bad bladder infection for a good while now… i actually got antibiotics a few weeks ago… but it didnt go away and now is back with a vengeance… i chugged an entire bottle of water while at this museum and well, water has to go some place šŸ™‚ and when you have a bladder infection, you have to go… when you have to go! – theres no holding it.

so i find a bathroom…

and theres a janitor cleaning it…

he then tells me to wait…

i sit in the hall attempting to wait… but there was no holding my bladder back, so…i walk across the hall to the empty mens bathroom..

and go figure, while im in the stall, as soon as i finish and am about to leave, two guys walk in, ahhh hahaha… i am sure as they looked in the bathroom my flip flops, shaved legs and pink toe nails made them wonder… then i say “uhhhh are there two guys out there? if so let me know when i can come out” šŸ™‚ hahaha it was so bad… but they seemed to be understand and i just smiled at them as i walked briskly out of the bathroom and said “the other bathroom wasnt available and well, i had to go.” šŸ™‚

def. an interesting moment šŸ™‚

has that ever happened to any of you? šŸ™‚ or am i alone in my mens bathroom episodes.

as far as my bladder infection goes… im taking another antibiotic to hopefully knock this thing out… and trying to drink fluids. i need to get some cranberry juice, but its not my favorite :-\ so we will see.

off to watch some tv with the fam! then off to ikea in the morn šŸ˜‰ and then a wedding that evening.

have a great weekend!

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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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12 Responses to broken shift – i used a mens bathroom

  1. Joy Metzger says:

    I can’t do cranberry juice either but what I do use is AZO cranberry tablets. You swallow them like any normal pill and I swear they work!
    Hope you feel better!

  2. taylor says:

    that happened to me once a few weeks ago while at the cleveland clinic…i was with another girl and we were on our dinner break (my clinicals are from 1:30-9:30pm) and the bathroom was being cleaned, so i was like “well lets just use the men’s bathroom” so we walk in about halfway and then hear a stall door open and BOOKED it out of there. i’m pretty sure that would not be considered professional conduct ahah

  3. sheri says:

    Ha Ha, Actually, I have used them by accident before! Multiple times. Hope your bladder infection gets better soon. What about cranberry pills or cran-grape juice?

  4. Stacey says:

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about mentioning cranberry pills. They work well. And probiotics are great.

  5. Vanessa says:

    I’m a critical care nurse and was teaching a class to a huge group of new grads on IV insertion, sterile technique, how to use our crash cart, ect., one year. Was an early morning, had 2 cups of coffee, ( nurses love coffee) working on my 3rd while waiting on everyone to show up. I was over in the professional bldg, where they teach, and was hurried, placing notebooks out for everyone and getting organized, greeting the early birds…then HAD TO GO!! So being really close to class time I ran down the hall, into an entrance, which then divided right or left to mens or womens… and I took the wrong turn of course!! I came out and was washing my hands when this gentleman walked in. I promptly said ” Oh wow! I THINK you took the wrong turn today”. He laughed and said back to me. “Well, unless they started putting urinals in YOUR bathrooms now, then I am thinking maybe its YOU that took that wrong turn. Gosh! My face was sooo red, we both laughed, but to this day I ALWAYS check the signs now. šŸ™‚ I started thinking after that day maybe tea or decaf may be a better choice for me as well.

    p.s. love your webpage! was looking for srcatch and dent appliances and ran across your site. still didnt get to see your washer and dryer but going to go check that place out. THANKS!!!

  6. Aliesha says:


    oh, and i’m a teenie bit jealous that you get to go to ikea… šŸ˜‰

  7. Erika says:

    drink cran-grape juice or cran-apple juice. I think the flavor is better and you still get the benefits of the cranberries

  8. Lis says:

    If you end up drinking cranberry juice, you should get PURE cranberry juice, not widely available at grocery stores. The stuff most sell (ie. Ocean Spray) has either sugar or other sugary juices in it. Plain cranberry juice however is nasty (in my opinion) so if you can find tablets go for that! Also someone mentioned pro-biotics, they are a must especially since taking anti-biotics, but I’m sure you know this already…

  9. Bren says:

    AZO cranberry pills DO work wonders and also the PURE cranberry juice…I used to get them all the time until I found the pills, now at first sign I start with them and *poof* no more problems.

  10. For your UTI, look into getting some D-manose. It’s a form of sugar that attracts and traps e-coli bacteria and then flushes it out of your system. E-coli causes 90% of all UTI’s so the chances of it helping are really good. We also have had good success using a homeopathic remedy called Cantharis 30c. my odd was prone to getting UTI’s and doing both of those things has gotten rid of them without antibiotics (I don’t think either will interfere with the antibiotics you are taking now though…just help your body better fight this off). We got our D-manose from Vitacost and it has cranberry extract included in it. Here’s the link:

    Blessings Andrea! Feel better soon!


  11. Sheri says:

    Many decades ago…I use to always use the “boys” restroom at high school dances, cuz seriously, the girls’ restroom was ALWAYS overcrowded, and the boys’ was always empty. Made sense to me…not so much to the chaperones. ;^)


  12. Ivy says:

    Yeah, well. . . one night I was coming back from a ballgame at UNC. . . had to go. . .I mean, HAD TO GO. . . I ran into the women’s bathroom with the janitor in it!! šŸ˜‰

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