No Pull-up – prize with Short sighted eyes – 9 hrs?!

A little over a week ago we were getting the boys ready for bed… and realized we had no pull ups.
Our boys have both been potty trained since age 2… but for some reason they just could not stay dry at night… so pull up it was!
At one point with Caleb I really began to push him to wake up dry…

I tried it all… no drink after 6, waking him up at 11 or 1am to go pee, etc..etc… nothing seem to work. I noticed very quickly that it was affecting Calebs esteem… so I stopped worrying with it. It wasnt worth pushing him just to save a few bucks on pull ups.

The other night though we had nothing for him to use… and just told him he had to try really hard to wake up dry… and if he didnt it was ok, we’d just wash his sheets.

I put Taite in a cloth diaper that night 🙂 since he obviously wouldnt… but I had hopes in the back of my mind that Caleb would.




Well I braved the bed sheets again and let him do it again!

& he was dry the next night!

Then after talking with my friend Kelly I decided to give Caleb some extra motivation… and told him that if he woke up dry for 5 nights in a row, he’d get to pick a prize.

Day 3 passes..
Day 4….

& here we are at Day 12?! something like that… and STILL DRY. How awesome is that??

Part of me wonders if he was just laying in bed purposely wetting his pull up! Either way I am glad hes out of them. He feels very accomplished and grown.

So, since he made it to day 5 he got to go pick out a prize…

_MG_2711The day of our vacation we went to walmart and he began to search the store for his “perfect prize.”

Travis and I had talked about getting him an early birthday present… a big boy bike… and mentioned it to Caleb that he could get it early if he wanted, since we wanted to take bikes on our vacation.

Caleb told us “No … I just want a toy.”

So we allowed him to browse… and he picks out this IRON MAN action figure, that came with a bunch of tiny toy pieces… and we just knew he’d break or loose half of it in an hour.

So we tried to perused him to look into a bike… So we linger to the bike dept… and bring down a cool iron man looking bike… We then ask Caleb to come look… and hes like “no… I just like this iron man.” seriously people, this iron man was an 8 dollar toy …. he wanted an 8 dollar toy vs. a nice big boy huffy bike!

I told him how foolish that was and that he really should take the bike and that he’d enjoy it a lot longer than that toy…etc..etc… but nope he wanted the iron man toy.

We promised him what he wanted… so he got his $8 toy… while we had this chat with Caleb however, Taite had been riding the bike around the store lol… and we actually ended up getting it any way…

A friend of ours gave us two small huffy bikes… that are so adorable! but they are a tad short for Caleb… his knees were almost hitting the handle bar as he peddled… so we knew he would need one eventually…

But to help teach him the value of the bike vs. the $8 toy, we gave Taite 1st dibs for this trip.

Travis and I talked about it in the van ride up here…. and I just told him I couldnt believe Caleb picked that tiny toy over a bike… and he told me…

“He was just short sighted…

Caleb saw the initial joy of a small toy like that… he wanted something to HOLD while we drove in the van… something he could have right then to play with… he knew that he wasnt going to ride the bike right away…

Sure enough though.. less than 15 minutes with that toy, he broke his head off and got all upset because he couldnt find the head. We were unable to find it either, its some where in the van under a seat or something, who knows… we will find it when we get back from vacation and clean it out…

I do think it was a good lesson for him… to see that his parents are wiser! and that he should learn to take our advice more often.

And sure enough when we got here and got that cool Iron Man bike out, Caleb wanted to ride it… it then gave us a good opt. to explain things to him… and when I mentioned how easily it is to loose those small toys, he said “well you might loose that bike.” LOL, I told him “Its a lot harder to loose a big bike than a small iron man head.” he just kind of stood there looking at me 🙂 kids are funny.

Despite Calebs iron man being “headless” he is still enjoying him 🙂

The funny thing is last night I got them pez dispensers that were “Iron man” for $1.50 and they’ve been playing with those just as well as any action figure! Kids have great imaginations… stick an iron man head on a stick, and they are good to go 🙂

It has all worked out with the bike too… Taite enjoys it but its a tad “fast” for him.. so he has preferred the smaller huffy my friend gave us (which Im grateful for… its the perfect size for Taite!). So Caleb is able to enjoy the big bike as well.





& in other news…
Last night Owen slept 9 hours straight!!!

I put him to bed at 9pm – woke him up at 11 to eat, then he slept til 8am this morning! how awesome is that?!

I hope he sticks with that schedule 🙂



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3 Responses to No Pull-up – prize with Short sighted eyes – 9 hrs?!

  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for sharing about the pushing to train to potty train at night affecting Caleb’s self esteem. I have a three year old who has been potty trained for over a year and one day woke up and decided I was done with pull ups. I have been pushing her really hard to stay dry with no results, she just physically can’t do it. I finally gave up because I felt like she was discourage over it all. Glad to hear that they eventually learn to stay dry without a lot of training. Thanks for confirming what I was already learning.

  2. Stacey says:

    Go Caleb!!! Woohoo! That’s definitely something to celebrate. I wonder if that would work for Rowan? He already tries so hard to be dry everyday, but still has more wet nights than dry ones. We might just have to give that a try.

  3. Tara Dew says:

    What wonderful news about Caleb and Owen. Ours slept 8 hours straight last night and it was wonderful!!!!

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