Hes excelling in

Caleb has been excelling in his reading and scripture memorization…
Its so fun to see.

Before Christmas, 2 weeks in a row – Caleb passed off a chapter per wed. night in his Sparks Awana class.
Thats a total of 4 verses per chapter! So 8 in 2 weeks.
Then this week he learned another 3, finishing up a 3rd chapter – earning another jewel!
So 12 verses in less than a month…

I must say, he impresses me.
and I dont even have to push him with these verses.
He gets so excited and wants to repeat them over and over.
He was even telling me how when hes older he will be able to teach others – even older people.
We tried to tell him that be awesome – but to never brag abt what he knows or be prideful.
We look forward to seeing how he challenges his youth pastor 😉

One of the things he has to do now in his schooling is reading time.
The Abeka program we use comes with these cute and easy to read books for him.
He LOVES doing it… and this particular day had to read to his brothers.





We recently talked to Caleb about how he has a slight edge with his awana verses because he is learning many of them in his bible time with home schooling. He looked puzzled – and so I told him that public schools dont teach any bible… His jaw dropped and he said “are you kidding me?” – he then of course asked “why” – and we tried to explain how our government doesnt allow it any more… and how when we were kids they allowed SOME bible – but none today. He told us he was glad he was learning bible…. and it seemed to make him sad almost that other kids werent.

This is not to say that children who arent home school cant learn bible 😉 – thats the job of their parents – and home school or public schooled – kids can learn it! We just have to teach it to them and live it daily.


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