Idle Days

You know, is it really possible to have idle days as a mother? 🙂
I try to some days haha, but there always seems to be a lot going on.

I think its fun to capture those moments throughout my day with my droid phone (that has become a 2nd limb)

We took a home school break today – since, well, we wanted too – and since mondays a holiday, we will just school monday – since we took today off.
Despite “not schooling” – in the morn, as routined – we still found the kids wanting to learn – and some how during lunch today – we ended up teaching Caleb how to add larger numbers – and within 5 minutes he was adding 100’s and even 1000’s with excitement.

Asking us “do another!” 🙂


We then (by we – my husband who I snatched away during a lunch break) – decided to finally clean the boys fish tank.
This is bad, but it has not been cleaned since before I was pregnant with Owen :-\

We realize we are not very good pet owners – to much work 🙂 – we would much rather spend time with our children, than our fish. So, no more fish for us – but we did think it be a good idea and just “the kind thing” to do – to clean our one surviving fish “Spazz” the Chinese Algae Eater’s tank.


That was it before we cleaned it….
yes, half the water evaporated out of it since we last cleaned it – kind of gross thinking about those particles floating around in the kids room. Anyone want to adopt Spazz? 😉 you can have him!

Hes 4 years old and mean as a snake!

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful pet to have?

The one cool thing about him, hes low maintenance… one time a year tank cleanings and you don’t even have to feed him – he eats poop and algae – so our boys say 🙂 – really though, I dont think we fed him once in the past 2 months!

Now as Owen naps, oh wait, he just woke up… :-\

I have this to tackle….


No, not Taite.. who btw was sick yesterday with a temp of 102 – hes fine today – but we’re keeping him away from anyone else just to be safe.
But the pile behind him is not 1, not 2, but 4 loads of laundry (large) – and I have another load of cloth diapers in the wash waiting to be hung.

I wonder if after all that, I can get p90x in… doubtful 🙂

But folding that much laundry should burn a good amt. of calories!

If not – chasing these lil dudes will.




Ooo.. and my windows need windexing too


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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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One Response to Idle Days

  1. Jessica says:

    A mother’s work is never done! Love the pictures 🙂

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