No one else talked

IMG_2311This past Sunday in nursery – I noticed something.

I was sitting in a rocking chair rocking this ladies little boy. He was fast asleep – and right before rocking him, I laid Owen down in the crib behind me with a bottle – yes yes, I know – never lay a baby down w/ a bottle – well, when your baby is off schedule and not in his regular environment, you can break those rules. Any how… Owen is drinking his bottle, as I got this other baby to sleep.. and finally as this baby zonked out – Owen decides to stand up, peeking over the corner of the crib and around the chair I was sitting. He then proceeds to make noises…

EEeee (this is his favorite)

Just random sounds, and very loudly.

It ended with me attempting to put the other baby in a crib – in order to get Owen to hush…

which didn’t really work well – šŸ™‚
The other baby woke up – but happy… and so everyone was back on the floor again.

As they played however, I noticed something…

No one else (as in babies) talked!
We had 5 babies in the room – 4 mo (Vera), 10 mo, 11 mo, 9 mo (Owen) & 15 mo?
Out of all those babies Owen was the only one making noises… It was like he was trying to talk to us, but obviously cant yet.

It dawned on me though… Owen was the only one in the nursery who was 3rd born.
The rest were all 1st or 2nd born. The one 2nd born we had in there did talk some, but it was a little girl and she was pretty timid and just wanted to sit in someones lap with a book.


Im seeing things in Owen that I think are coming to surface because he has older brothers.
Caleb by this age was not very vocal.

Its neat though šŸ™‚
I love seeing Owen trying to be like his brothers.

We will just have to monitor what they teach him šŸ˜‰


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4 Responses to No one else talked

  1. I totally agree! My 3rd born is such a talker! She turned 10 months old yesterday, and I counted up words she knows – she can say 8 words for sure, and I think she’s been trying others as well. My others didn’t say that many until after about 15 months!

  2. It’s interesting to think about! You guys must be giving him lots of opportunities to talk which is awesome! I’m a speech-language pathologist and I’ve seen it go the other way too…where 3rd or 4th children talk a lot later (for many reasons)…but one of them MAY be because there is always somebody there talking for them and giving them what they want so they don’t have a need to talk. I know that I’m guilty of it as a mom…not giving my 2nd as many opportunities to talk as I did my first.
    All kids are so different though…its fun to see the differences! Maybe God has made him to be extroverted & outgoing! šŸ™‚

    Great job mom, dad, & big brothers.

    Haven’t commented in a while but I’m still a reader. Your boys are so cute and I always enjoy seeing the pics of them and seeing your photography skills! šŸ˜‰

  3. Sarah says:

    So cute! I do notice Carsyn babbles a lot more then Dustyn did, but he still isn’t moving around yet.

    by the way i have a sleepywrap ad featuring you on my blog now. šŸ™‚

  4. aly says:

    My son (1st born) has always been super chatty/noisey since he started “goo’ing” around 4 months or so! However i could see how a 3rd born would pick things up faster being around chatty older brothers. I also noticed how much he excelled in talking after he started daycare, so again.. the other, older kids definetly makes a difference šŸ™‚

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