Christmas 2010

We had an awesome Christmas 🙂
I will just let the pics do the talking… since theres so many.
Captions will be posted to help explain whats going on…

My dad helping Travis install his Christmas gift –
A HITCH for our mini van – Oooohhh yeah!

IMG_9882 copy

My mom enjoying some reading time with Caleb on Christmas Eve



At Christmas Eve Service (kinda blurry…)



Aliesha and I with the babies… they of course didn’t smile 😉


The Boys on Christmas Morning – So excited!



Caleb EXTREMELY excited about the main toy he got


Owster getting to Open a gift with Travis’ help




Owens not sure of everything in this pic – but I just love his expression in it and his ears!


We then went to Travis’ Dads to spend time with his family –
My parents drove up to spend this with us as well.


Caleb and Travis’ Dad


The cousins aka (Teens hehe) chilling on the sofa



Travis’ brother helping Owen open his gift



These next few pics I forced on everyone 🙂
Travis’ family HIDES from my camera.
I think it makes them nervous HEHE

All of Travis siblings were outside at one time though and I just had to…

I pushed them together and got a few group shots.

All I tell them is “you will thank me one day” 😀

Heres one of Travis and his sister Tracy.
Tracy is 10 years older than Travis.. shes taken care of him like a lil mama in ways.


You can see from this next one Travis’ brother wanting to turn away 🙂


“Come onnnnn you can smile better than that!!”




AHH HAH! got him to smile!


and to those curious where Owen was during those pics- heres where



A busy morning/afternoon and an hour 1/2 car ride…
resulted in two tired boys – well 3 if you count Owen.


and yes… Im sure Taites neck was getting sore, so we did set it up after the picture…



My Dad and Travis look to be having a serious convo here


and… for those curious what I got…
Despite Travis saying “lets not get anything for one another”

I wake up to this…


Oh yes, my very own MY SIZE recliner.

For some time now Ive been stealing Travis’ recliner 🙂 – Our sofa is high up and so when Id sit up late editing pictures I liked to sit in his chair… because I could put my feet up. He hated this 🙂 – but almost always gave in. One day this month he said “Im just going to buy you your own” – I honestly didn’t think he’d do it.

… but he did!

Im excited to set it up in its own little corner now… and have my own little end table and lamp. It will be fun for us to sit in our living room with our two chairs like an old married couple 🙂 watching the kids play.

One other thing Travis got me was a WORLD VISION Maximum IMPACT fund… Its through this website. It was given in my name and was really sweet… knowing that gift is going to help out so many families in another country. It also came with a beautiful hand crafted bag! – I will try to post pics of that later this week.

To end our evening today we played CRANIUM with my parents.
That was the funniest thing ive experienced in a while…
Lets just say hearing my mom HUM Thriller and watching them SCULPT umbilical cord and oyster was beyond funny. 🙂

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

So… how was your Christmas?

*To view more PICS from our Christmas view Flickr*


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3 Responses to Christmas 2010

  1. stef says:

    ours was lovely too! looks like you guys had lots of fun.
    Also, a fun side note – we have the same van as you 🙂 Ours is in the Hyundai Entourage package, but is the same exact van.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Sarah says:

    Looks like a great Christmas. Nice recliner.

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