Photo Network

Last year around this time I joined up with a group of local photographers for a Christmas get together.
I can’t really recall how I got networked with the group… but none the less I did… and am so glad.

Throughout this past year I have been able to build some sweet friendships…. as well as learn a lot business wise from these photographers.
I have also shot weddings with 3 of them and had an awesome time with each and every one.

The group meets once a month to just get together and chat… go over and upcoming projects, talk camera (if you choose to do so, lol but honestly most of us end up talking about kids or non-photography related things)… and of course exchange e-mails, facebook names and blogs.

Yesterday evening the group was having their Christmas Party… and I sadly couldn’t come.
For 2 reasons… the 1st one being we had plans that night to have our Sunday School Christmas party… so we were already busy… but even after our party was postponed due to conflicting work schedules… I opted not to go because it was over an hour drive to the location of the party.

It made me sad that I had to miss it… but I knew there’d be other fun fellowship opportunities that would make up for it.

One of the things they did at the party was had a photo booth set up. The party took place at one of the photographers studio’s… and so they had access to camera lighting and backdrops/props.

I got tagged in one of those photos this morning and it made my day…


Laurie Crutchfield, Ginny Corbett and Melanie Mansfield are in this…
All 3 amazingly talented professional portrait and wedding photographers.
I am in awe at their gifts and am so glad to have gotten to know them this year.

All of this is just a reminder to me how we all as photographers can be friends… it doesn’t have to be a competition… we dont have to feel down if we aren’t as busy as another… or if so and so has better gear. We can all unit and grow from one another….

I believe the Lord brings people into our lives for a reason.
Although some times relationships have ups and downs… His purpose is always there.

He knew that I needed these people to help encourage me in my business… and I am so thankful for them.

Thank you ladies for this fun memory 🙂 – even though I wasn’t there… and I missed all the laughs, worship and food… Oh… and the owl 😀 – I almost feel like I was there because I was in your thoughts.


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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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