Someones 9 months

IMG_2406Crazy to think that in 3 months my baby Owen will be a year old.

Its really going by way to fast.
I wish it all slow down!

It is fun however to think back over the past month and cherish all the milestones hes hit and are about to hit.

So lets start with the obvious from this picture.

Owen is standing.
It started about a week ago… and is beginning to progress more and more.

Owen is crawling with full force… although he still does not enjoy crawling in our home.. since the floors are so hard. You put him into a room with carpet though and hes all about it.

Owen now has 4 teeth! He has his two top teeth in half way… – these have been very hard for him. They BLED coming in and he let you know it. I do think his baltic amber necklace helped him… but I did have to use oral gel one night and a dose of Tylenol.

Owen eats 3 meals a day now. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
He still drinks about the same amt in bottles tho.. He likes to eat!
He can eat almost anything we eat (as long as its not greasy or to acid-ic)
He is eating some finger foods and loves to feed himself.
He is totally off puree’s … except for things like applesauce and yogurt.

He now drinks out of sippy cups … with water or milk. He has refused any juices ive tried to introduce.. which is fine. No rush on extra sugar.

One recent surprise has been his acceptance of a pacifier!

I will admit… for some time now I have been using the bottle to sooth Owen… it was the only way I could get him to sleep! I would try putting water in the bottle instead, but even with that he would get upset… it was frustrating to me because I knew that if I kept doing this it could cause tooth decay issues and was just a NO NO in the baby books. I even remember thinking as a mom “my baby will never take a bottle to bed” – because I thought “that was just silly…” and always wondered why on earth a parent would do it. I now realize why! When a baby cant sooth themself its very hard… So for a few weeks now I have been weening him off his bottle habit and am not about 70% there. Sometimes during the day he wants it… and I if im flustered and got a lot going on, I give it to him. But at night we are almost 100% bottle free and during this time he now will suck on his wubbanub soothie pacifier, and I am so happy about it.

The cool thing is I think Owen will be super easy to break from the pacifier… since during the day he doesnt use it AT ALL.

Oh and I do brush his teeth 🙂


Other new milestones, hes very opinionated and vocal now 🙂
He is getting to where he tries to say things (oo’s, da’s, ma’s, and squeals).
When he eats he will let you know if you are giving him food to slow.
He will also let you know if he doesnt want to nap, as he stands protesting.

Owen still adores to be worn.
I wear him any time I leave the house or go to church.

hmmm… what else….

One of his favorite foods is cinnamon bread 🙂

He loves to turn wheels on toy cars.

He is still in size 3 diapers and his final size in cloth diapers…

He wears 12-24 mo clothing… but id say majority of what he wears is 18 months.

Last I weighed him he was 23 lbs, this was a month ago, so im thinking hes atleast 24… or maybe 25.

He is also riding in his MY RIDE Graco carseat now all the time. No more infant carrier 😦

Oh… and for giggles, let me share with you LOTS of giggles from him via video.

I took these one afternoon while Travis had Caleb out and Taite was napping.

We had a good time just playing and spending time with one another.
This doesnt happen often… because most of the time hes awake im busy with house work, home schooling, cooking, or something!

So its nice to just have those times to soak him up and even better, record it to remember 🙂

Owen giggling (notice he grabs my hair)

My favorite – Owen finding the camera, then standing up

My exercise routine and something that makes Owen laugh VERY hard

and the next few videos may make 1st time mommys cringe 🙂

Or mommies to all girls hehe… here is what goes on in our house A LOT

*Note: No babies were harmed in the making – I also had to tell Caleb to not push Owen so hard…
I didnt want him getting whip lash!*

Owen cruising in the walker at Taites birthday (kinda blurry)

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6 Responses to Someones 9 months

  1. Sarah says:

    So adorable!! Happy 9 months Owen.

  2. Renee says:

    What a cutie pie!!!! He is growing sooo fast 🙂

  3. Kalle says:

    What great videos of Owen. It’s amazing to watch them grow. I love the last two videos of Owen and his brothers – I can only hope that Emmett and new baby will love each other as much.

    And that walker is awesome. I may just have to go scouting for one with wheels like that.

  4. ElisabethCS says:

    Adorable post! He is growing so fast! I know, cause mine are too!!! Time flies when you get older or are parents, I guess. I was just talking to my grandmother about this. When we were kids, days would be forever and it seemed like eternity from one birthday til another, but not now.

    Love the videos!You’re so cute and dainty;)

  5. Tara Dew says:

    Oh he’s so big Andrea!!!! My two still haven’t started crawling yet, though all 4 teeth have come in and the pincer grasp is in full force:) Feeding themselves puffs now is so fun!

    And yay for Wubbanubs!!!

  6. Mary Beth says:

    His giggle makes me want 6 more babies, what a sweet guy!

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