A Blessed Woman

You all I am sure have heard me talk about how I desire to one day keep all my children with me in worship. Obviously having babies close, its making that desire easier said than done… however, I still desire it.

Ive known about this book called Parenting from the Pew for some time… I just keep putting off ordering it. Not sure why. Actually I do know why.. 🙂 – its called 3 kids LOL and a business and home to run. Just kind of busy to do much reading, but im def. getting this soon! My husband wants to read it as well.

I heard a lady speak on it years ago in FL though and was really encouraged by what she said and how their church did things.

drea2I think sunday school is good… and small group is awesome… Kids need bible stories that are easy to understand on their level… and also its nice for them to experience other adults in the church teaching them about Christ and for them to learn about these things with other children their age. Its also especially nice to have this if your kids are home schooled (like ours)… our kids dont get much interaction throughout the week with kids their age.. so we really look forward to them getting this on wednesday and sunday.

However… I think there is a time and place for everything.. and when it comes to worship, I can see far many more benefits for me/and them to keep my children with me in worship.

I have been avoiding staying consistent with this and my kids since Owen was born…
Its hard to keep Owen quiet, let alone worry with 2 other kids in a room full of adults trying to listen.
I think though the more I keep putting it off, the harder it will be to get into the routine of it… and I really should just start.

So today I did it…
I kept all 3 with me in worship!

The Parenting from the Pew book doesnt encourage taking a KID BAG with your children.. so I am breaking that rule 🙂 – but I dont really see the harm in a child bringing a few things to keep busy hands together for an hour. I just try to keep the things in that bag minimal and quiet. (I will list below what goes in them)

My rule has always been that the boys have to sit without the bags until their Daddy starts preaching or after special music. That gives them 15 minutes or so of joining in with the worship! They get to experience singing, listening to announcements, prayer, offerings… and so on.

My minds kind of going blank here as I try to write this as Caleb watches some really annoying transformer cartoon 🙂 – so I cant concentrate very well… but I just am really excited to see how things continue with keeping my boys in worship.

It was also encouraging when I got home to hear my husband say “You looked like a blessed woman, surrounded by those boys.” – and I have to agree… I really am and I felt it too.

Will it be easy?
Will there be struggles?
Will I question the effort?
Will I want to call it quits some days?

Im sure 🙂 – parenting isnt easy!
and there may be times I cant keep them with me… if I have nursery duty my boys wont be able to go into worship (unless an adult wants to volunteer to be their mommy for a sunday? hint hint). But come what may… I know this is the right thing to do… and im excited to see my children grow.

Many times when we sit down to dinner and have prayer… and Caleb volunteers to pray and prays so well.. I cant help but think of the day when my husband will call on my boy to lead the congregation in a closing prayer! What a powerful testimony it will be!!


Now to those curious whats in their bags:
I put 1 coloring book
1 notebook (for Caleb – taites not into them)
a few crayons or markers
1 toy matchbox car (nothing loud)
1 pad of stickers
a rubix cube lol (calebs bag)
1 tiny action figure (small, like an inch tall)

After we get into the routine of things better, I will take out any sort of TOY and leave just coloring books.
Boys are very busy… and I think their attention span is harder to keep quiet… so for me, I am using this… but do plan to weed out TOYS and books (besides a bible maybe) in time.

About dreawood

32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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6 Responses to A Blessed Woman

  1. Tanya says:

    My three kids are 14, 12(almost 13) and 10. I really really struggle with this. My husband and I both serve the first two tracks with the youth. I am a small group leader with the 6/7 grade girls and my husband is part of the theater production called KidStuf. That means we go to the third track service. That also means that our younger two sit in church with us while my older goes to his teen service. Well, the church provides an area for the younger kids to hang out but I have wanted the kids to stay with us in church.
    I have to say that I am really struggling with this though.Even though they are 10 and 12 they still fidget and stuff. I find myself always checking to see what they are doing instead of listening to the pastors message. They are not being bad but I still feel like I have to have my *mommy* radar on and I can’t soak up the word like I can when they are not in service with us.

    Maybe if they had started coming to church with us when they were real young it would be diffrent? I don’t know.
    I really applaud your effort to do it.

    • Dreawood says:

      @Tanya, Thats hard, it sounds like your sun mornings are extremely busy!
      I would just pray abt it… and if you have a peace with the routine you have now, than stick with it.
      I am learning im having to say no to certain areas of service.. in fact this morning i gave a role i had taken in a skit to a young 13 yr old girl because I had a busy morning with owen and just could not do it. It was something u could learn quickly, and shes in lots of dramas so I knew she could do it and she was thrilled to do it.. but that just taught me again that I cant commit to certain things right now… despite wanting to help serve in those ways.. I have my children to watch over 1st… this is only for a season and before to long they will be taking care of themselves…
      I dont hear all the sermon.. and often times get distracted too.. with my mommy radar 🙂 or wiping spit off and feeding a baby… all the while trying to keep him from distrating… but I really believe it will be worth it and beneficial.. so im just trying to work it out 🙂 but its def not easy!

      I do think training them really young helps tho! Its hard to put a kid who isnt use to sitting for an hour, into that situation.. they just arent use to it.
      I think them seeing you serve is good too tho! 🙂 it will work out!

  2. Alison P. says:

    Yay! That book was on mt Christmas list, so I hope I get it this year! I’m all for taking kids into the main service. I would love to go to a family-integrated church one day. There is none in our current area. I don’t put my kids in the nursery. We all go into the service for worship and prayer. Then, we take the kids into our church’s cry room for the sermon – there is a big TV screen showing everything going on in the sanctuary with speakers plus some couches and chairs and rockers for nursing mothers. My husband and older son sit on the couch. My in laws go to a family integrated service so everyone has all babies and kids in the service the whole time. It is awesome!

  3. Aliesha says:

    Thanks for posting this! Your boys did great this morning in the service (Tad and I talked about it on the way home!). You’ll be surprised how much they’ll pick up from the service as they continue to go. Your family is a great example to our congregation and I know people really look up to you guys. Thanks for being great role models!

  4. Tad says:

    I am a youth and children’s minister, actually the one at Andrea’s church, and I think it is awesome that she kept her boys in the service.
    I would recommend that if possible parents keep there children in the service.
    It can teach them discipline, respect for the worship of God, and respect for the teaching of God’s word. Also I believe that they pick up more than you would think from sitting in the church service. Children are not stupid, and they can glean some information and application from sermons, also they can learn to sing along with the songs. (if the songs are well chosen this can be a great tool in teaching theology to children)
    I have a four month old daughter, and we try to keep her in the service whenever we can, and hope to continue in this, so that we never have difficulty transferring her from playing with toys in the nursery to sitting quietly in church.

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