An awesome blog

A few years ago I was introduced to Casey… and began reading her blog, that then led to e-mail, facebook, txting and phone chats.

She has been a huge blessing to me.

With such wisdom!

I love that I can be bogged down with something, send her a txt and soon after have an encouraging few minutes of much needed talk over the phone.

Shes also a mentor for me with my business. Im not sure if she knows that or not 🙂 but she does now haha.

I look up to her a lot and I am super excited she has started blogging again!

So if you want to see a bit more of this…




and a whole lot of encouragement… powerful post and even some tears..
… then you got to go read her blog, better yet.. just add it to your blog roll 🙂

Here ill even link you: again 🙂

and to those who LOVE the quote in her header 🙂
I have to bring back a blast from the past 🙂 Jenn and I singing a song together a year or so ago.

-The Hymn btw is By Thou My Vision and its one of my favorites!

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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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One Response to An awesome blog

  1. Jenn says:

    🙂 I love that hymn as well.

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