Baby Must Haves

So… since Im now a mom of 3 boys 🙂 and have past that newborn baby stage 3 times…
I consider myself pretty product savvy? I have used my share of bad ones and my share of good ones.. and so I thought it be fun to provide my friend Courtney with a “must have” baby list! Sine shes going to enter the fun stage of registering for a baby and all that.

This is Courtney btw, arent they cute!


Ok, so baby must haves. In no particular order 🙂 and for fun… im going to post some newborn pics of Owen.

IMG_9674 copy1- BELLA Band
– She now has one of her own and 3 of mine, so I think shes set hehe – but if you are pregnant, BUY ONE, these saved me a lot of money… I was able to wear all my normal jeans for most of my pregnancy because of this awesome product.

2- A NICE Diaper Bag – Get one you LOVE and one that has lots of room.
I have a Fleurville Lexie Tote – I got it off for $50 – To buy it new is WAY TO MUCH. – I like it, but honestly I find it to small for a cloth diapering mom. Cloth diapers take up A LOT of space… so im kind of sort of in the market for a larger diaper bag – and the Skip Hop Studio bag is on my list. My friend Kelly has it … and I really liked it. But we shall see 😉 – Christmas gift? I may check out big lots however, because Aliesha got a CUTE diaper bag from there for $10 – just takes some looking around – 🙂

3- A good pack-n-play – We have had the same one since Caleb was born. Its gotten so much use and is still in awesome shape.
It is a GRACO pack-n-play, obviously our model is not available… since its older, but this one looked similar.

4- Kiddopotamus – MUST HAVE – I love this for going out to eat. Ive had the same one since Taite was a baby. Its in great shape still. It rolls up and fits into my diaper bag too and is super easy to clean. Im pretty sure its dish washer safe.

_MG_9867 copy5- The Floppy Seat – I don’t own one but my friend Tara has one and I saw it and LOVED IT. I want one now 🙂 – I have something similar called a TINY DINER or something, but its not nearly as nice. Im not one to use them in grocery carts… but I def. would recommend you use them for high chairs… cause high chairs are soooo dirty…

6- Wubbanub – If your baby takes a pacifier, get one. These are incredible. I sadly dont get to use them this time around, since Owen refuses the pacifier now (He only uses one if im wearing him, strange baby). Taite used his til he was 2… and it saved me getting up many times at night.. great product.

7- Petunias ICKYbag – Awesome for cloth diapering moms… but really, I recommend these for any mom. Many times babies will wet through clothing, poop on clothing, spill something on clothing, who knows what… during those times, you will want something to put those clothes in or diapers… and these work so well.

IMG_0029 copy38- A BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller
If you jog (I know Courtney does) you will want a good jogging stroller. The Bob Revolution is THE BRAD PITT of strollers 🙂 – we own the dualie (double) and love it. Its like pushing air. Super easy to push and can go over anything.

9- Bink Link – Cutest pacifier clips around. They hold up really well too and if baby spits up on it or it gets dirty, you just rinse it off with water. No stains or anything 🙂 makes a good teether toy too.

10 – Baltic Amber Necklace for Baby – I highly recommend these for teething babies. Ive used it with Owen and can tell a huge difference in how he has been teething, than with my other two boys (who did not use amber) – some people dont believe in these sort of things, but I totally do now! (for newborn I recommend a 11inch – 11.5 inch, 12 inches is to long – Hazelaid doesn’t have them in the 11.5 or lower sizes, if you want one that size shop at Inspired by Finn, another great amber shop. I love love love the owners of Hazelaid though, so go to them and use the promo “DREA10” for 10% off – if you don’t need a smaller size)

11- A good ring sling –
I would recommend my friend Kim’s slings, hers are my favorite… however she doesn’t sell them anymore. I have since gotten a sling from SAKURA BLOOM (had an amazing discount on one) – and they are extremely well made and beautiful…. but whats even more important is their comfort… awesome slings! I love the one I got and would highly recommend it!

12- A Sleepywrap – Courtney, I have extra and since you live right down the road you can borrow mine 🙂 – but if you wanted to buy your own, you can use the coupon code “Unique” at the Sleepywrap site and save 10%. LOVE them!

13- A good structured carrier
– If you are going to wear your baby, you need more than a sleepy wrap and ring sling. Once baby gets heavier you will want either a structured carrier with buckles or a mei tai type carrier. You can read my babywearing post to view carriers I recommend.. cause thats to much to get into now 🙂

14- The Miracle Blanket
– MUST HAVE!! its the swaddling blanket and works like a charm to settle a baby.

15- Pediped – The best baby shoes.

16- See Kai Run – Best Toddler Shoes 🙂 – we own some see kai run sandals, they were Calebs, and I still have them for Owen. They’ve lasted forever!

17- Bum Genius Diapers – If you cloth diaper, these are what I use. Super easy to use. 🙂

18- Personalized Baby Hat w/ Name – My friend Amber owns this shop. Her knot personalized hats are so cute. Owen can still wear his that he wore at birth. They are re-sizable by tying the night or untying it. Great hats and nicely made.

19- Disposable Diaper Bags from Dollar General
– If you go to the one in town, they have these pink or blue boxes with 100 plastic trash diaper bags in them. They are SMALL, fits like 2-3 disposable diapers… they are scented and tie up like a trash bag would. Perfect for stinky diapers on the go… My friend used one and left a bagged diaper in her car (by accident) with a stinky diaper, a week later, had no clue it was even there! They work great… and are so cheap. $1- for 100.

20- Mommy Necklaces – You can wear them and it keeps baby busy… or you can let baby just play with it on the ground or something. Owen plays with mine ALL the time. Awesome for when they are teething and want something to chew on.

21- and the last thing I can think of is a good camera 🙂

IMG_9770 copy

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6 Responses to Baby Must Haves

  1. Stacey says:

    Fun post 🙂 Though I wouldn’t really say that they are must haves. More like, nice to have. Bella Band never really worked for me. I have wide hips and a small waist, so the band was always baggy on top, and tight on the bottom. Not really helpful.

    The two things on your list that I think are totally must haves though, are the ring sling, or some type of good carrier (I prefer my wraps) and a diaper bag that you love. I still don’t have a diaper bag that I love, but I’m not willing to waste any more money finding one!

  2. Mindy Harris says:

    neat to read. i haven’t tried most of those things but now i want to. especially the amber since story is getting close to the teething age.

  3. LOL… I’m with Stacey on some of these:) And love to try the rest:)

    I would add…. absorbant burpcloths, Boppy (especially for nursing moms) and a nursing cover!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Great list of things to make being a new mom easier.

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