Help Portrait & Snow!

Yesterday I shot with a group of awesome photographers at a home less shelter putting together something called HELP PORTRAIT.

We basically set up a bunch of studios around the shelter and offered free sessions, make up (by professionals), free food, clothing, crafts and more.

It was a huge production and Laurie Crutchfield who headed it up was amazing! Not to mention the group of photographers and helpers she got. WOW, lots of talent and awesome people all gathered together.

Heres a group shot of the photographers:


and then the techie’s aka our much needed assistants who helped edit, print and keep track of things after we took the actual pictures:


My assistant btw is the bearded man in the dark blue shirt 🙂 – aka my other husband. Kidding.
Weird thing was, his name was Travis too. Strange….

So yes! The day went great!!

We fed over 200 people.
The turn out for those we actually photographed wasnt as large as expected… but the 1st time you put something together this big, its always a learning experience… I do however think next year will be even bigger!

It was touching to do… and I got a lot from it.

One of the 1st ladies I photographed was so sweet..
She came in and was just super cheerful and pointed out to me her good side 😉 – I always think thats funny, because I totally think I have a better side. So I could relate 🙂 – and after snapping her photo, where she looked stunning, she some how got reunited with her brother!! So two blessings at once. Then after we gave her the pictures she broke down in tears..

… and was just astonished at how they came out. She kept saying “That cant be me… im not that beautiful!”

It was just awesome… and so rewarding.

I saw one young lady who was probably a little bit younger than me? and I just thought she was STUNNING. I passed her in the hall (She wasnt one I photographed, another photographer did), and I just told her “You are stunning…” and she just looked up at me with an almost broken look of disbelief… and said “oh… wow…. well thank you… I dont feel it…. I really dont.” and I told her You really are… you should never think otherwise…” and she said “You really made my day… really, thank you, I needed to hear that.”

It just made me sad… to see so many beautiful young people broken… and who had such little self worth.
I wanted so bad to give her my number and be there for her.

It really was just awesome over all to serve in this way.
People may think its not much… taking someones portrait.
But it touched these people!

I look forward to doing it again next year.

Also, there should be a video put up from the entire day soon… I will try to post that as soon as Im sent that information. Also one of the other photographers got photos of me taking photos, so it will be neat to share those soon too.

For now.. ill share some pictures taken once I got home from Help Portrait.

We had a fun surprise…


and our boys could not of been happier!!



IMG_9764 copy





We got about once inch of snow..
So not to much… but it was just enough for them to enjoy the next morning.
In fact both the boys were fully dressed in coats and snow boots by 7am this morning… ready to play.

We went ahead and let them at it.. since we knew by lunch it all be gone.
And… most of it is 😦

But maybe this is a sign we will have a snowy winter 😉 I kind of hope so!
Cause really… I love the snow.


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7 Responses to Help Portrait & Snow!

  1. love all the new family pictures! And you know, if you want to play in some snow you could just come visit us! 🙂


  2. Anna says:

    Beautiful pictures! 🙂

  3. SOunds like a touching day!!

    WE really liked watching the snow too! We weren’t able to play in it since we were out of town and traveling home when it started to get dark:( Maybe we will get some more this winter;)

    And your house looks great!!

  4. Stacey says:

    That sounds like an amazing experience. Will you be able to share some of the photos that you took?

    And hey, the snow looks beautiful! So much for global warming, lol.

  5. Sandie says:

    Wow Drea – what a wonderful experience you write about. Very touching – thanks for sharing! That’s really what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus, isn’t it? Wouldn’t have thought that you can be that through photography, but I guess you can. Wonderful!

  6. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos. Your house looks great. I would love to help with that Help Portrait next year. Sounds so great.

  7. Allison says:

    That photo shoot sounded awesome! Great idea!

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