Bathroom Cabinet

I have often been asked what I use on my skin…
Not because im all knowing 🙂 – trust me, Im not…
But because I for years now have battled with eczema.
I have it on my arms, back and legs.
It has been something Ive struggled with since a young child.
Its how I was born.

There is no cure for it.
but … there are ways I manage it and it has led me to the lifestyle I live, regarding my beauty and bath products.

So I thought Id compile a list for those curious… and it might be helpful for some struggling as well.

1) Soaps

– I use all natural soaps from a few shops (I like to switch around, just to try new ones out)
One being – I use their Organic Castile Soap
Why goat milk soap?
“When making soap, you need a liquid. Some soapmakers use water, some use fruit or vegetable juices. We choose to use goat milk. The cream and the proteins that are present in the goat milk add a moisturizing effect to soap that is above and beyond what water can achieve.” – taken from the goatmilkstuff website.

I especially love that when I buy it, I can read whats in it and know what each ingredient is…
Heres the ingredient listing of the Organic Castile Soap Bars:
Raw goat milk; Saponified organic extra virgin olive oil.

2) Face Wash
I use two methods to wash my face..

At night I use – Dessert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash
Its 100% natural and 100% vegan.
– I buy mine from Trader Joes and LOVE IT. It last forever too.

In the morning I use – Sweet Almond Oil
Yes, I wash my face with Oil 🙂
– Sound strange? – read up on WHY HERE
I found that if I washed my face twice a day with a face wash, even the Thoroughly Clean one… that my skin was super dry.
Using an oil method of cleansing helped A LOT.

3) Exfoliant
I make my own.

Its an Oatmeal / Baking soda mix.

I will take about 3 tablespoons of natural oatmeal
and 2 tablespoons baking soda.

Put that into my magic bullet 🙂 and grind it til its super fine.
Every few days when my skin feels like it needs exfoliating, I get a handful of it, rub it softly over my skin in a circular motion, then wash it off with warm water.

4) Face Lotion
I use a few kinds…

For under my eyes, and where future crows feet will be (dont have any yet) and also around my mouth I use – Pure Squalane Oil

– I use goat milk lotion for ALL OVER my face.

– Some days I will however use Cetaphils Face lotion (can be bought any where)… I dont like to because its not all natural, but it seems to help my skin get through a day without any issues. Im slowly weening myself from it though and plan to just use the goat milk lotion and squalane oil 100%.

5) Make Up

Pure Anada Mineral Make up and Shadows.
Ive used her make up for YEARS now and love it.
Its as pure as it can get!

– If you email the owner, she can help you pick out the shade that is best for you.

Some of my fav. shadows I use from her are:

– Toasted Almond
– Java (I use this with a fine brush as my liner)
– Close to Cocoa – for shadowing
– Opal (good highlight) – but also love Stardust

7) Shampoo

– I am back and forth with shampoo.
Sometimes I use a BAR shampoo that is vegan.. but it can leave my hair a bit heavy at times.
If I use my bar shampoo I can only use it every other day… which is fine, because most days I dont have a chance to shower :-\

I recently purchased a shampoo from Trader Joes called Nourish and I really like it! So far it works great.

8) Shaving Gel

– I dont use any. Good ol’ goat milk soap lather works fine 🙂

9) All over Lotion

– The Goat Milk Lotion listed above… or sometimes I buy a nice “semi” natural unscented lotion from the store.
My skin is super dry and I have tried going without lotions, and cant.
I tried using coconut oil for a while and it just did not do the trick.
My skin has to have it… but I have noticed since switching to goat milk bar soaps… that I do not need as much lotion now.
So I do believe it has helped me.

IMG_992310) Laundry Detergent
– You all know by now im sure… but I make ours 🙂
If you’d like to make your own, CLICK HERE for the recipe I use.

11) Tooth Paste
– I use tooth chips now! and love them.

Some may ask, why not just tooth paste?
My teeth are super sensitive… and Ive always had issues with this…
I heard tooth chips can help so I decided to try them…
and have seen a huge improvement since being on it!

Heres a little bit more info on tooth chips off the website mine came from:

# We use Organic Oils
# It is FREE of Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
# It is FREE of Fluoride
# It is FREE of Tricosan
# It is FREE of Sand and Silica which brushes away gum tissue and enamel
# It really CLEANS your teeth and doesn’t leave a glycerin film to coat your teeth
# It CLEANS so well that after brushing your saliva naturally begins the re-mineralizing process
# It’s SAFE for your entire family
# It’s MADE in the USA

You can read more about tooth chips HERE.
and to those who may ask “do they taste like soap?” – I had the same question.
Yes… they do 😉

But, its a tolerable taste and you get use to it.
Your teeth will feel SUPER clean.

I guess that wraps up most of the products I use.

I dont use any hair products in my hair either.
Some people use hair spray, moose, etc… I dont.
I have pretty easy to manage hair however… and am thankful for it 🙂
A hair dryer and flat iron are my hairs friend 😉
and I do recommend the T3 Micro flatiron, its awesome.. and works so well. Ive had it for years and have yet to have a problem with it. With my hair longer now I use the flat iron just on the under layer of my hair to straight the edges out, otherwise it curls outwards. I also sometimes will curl the tips around my face out… but only on special occasions.

If you have any questions you can ask 🙂
And if you have any products you adore, feel free to comment and share those too!

*note: to those curious why I have a nikon in my hand… It was a friends I was playing with. Im still canon tho :)*


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3 Responses to Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Victoria says:

    Will the detergent recipe work for HE machines?

  2. Blythe says:

    Is that a Nikon in your hand? 😉 Did you like it?

  3. Sarah says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. We use mostly natural, but I’m doing a bit of experimenting because I have a little one with bad eczema. I’m excited to try some of the stuff that has helped you, especially goat milk soap since I’ve never tried that one with her.

    Oh and btw, I think your skin always looks so beautiful in your pictures! 🙂

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