Better safe… than sorry

When Owen was born we made the decision to get him a new infant carrier car seat. With carseats having an expiration date of about 6 years… we knew that the car seat Caleb & Taite both used, was no longer good. I really wasnt sure what I thought about the whole “expiration dates” on carseats at that moment… but I knew we’d have more children, so I decided we may as well be safe and get a new one.

So we got the chicco car seat travel system and love it. It was a shower gift.
For fun.. heres some old car seat photos of Owen in it 🙂


Now that Owen however is growing at a rapid rate…
At 8 months old he is weighing in at about 23lbs!
He actually is OVER the weight limit for his Chicco Car Seat.
Because he is still under 1 however, he is going to remain in it, until hes busting out of it 🙂

That brings us to another car seat purchase…
Taites current car seat, a safety 1st seat… is now expired.
We’ve had it since Caleb was about 6 months old… and it just hit its 6 year mark as well.
The seat itself, looks fine.

gracoI was frustrated with the thought of buying another seat.. but as I walked through our back yard and saw plastic cups the boys play with in the sandbox, and plastic toy cars, broken and brittle from the heat and cold of the year… I knew I just had to buy another seat …

Because just like the infant one… Id rather be safe than sorry.

So tonight I went out and purchased the GRACO MYRIDE. I heard really good things about it… and found it on sale at Babies R Us for $139.00 , add my 20% off coupon I had and it ended up costing $111.00 exactly! – A steal in my opinion for such a good seat.

This seat Taite will use for now… once Owen is to big for his chicco length wise, he will then begin using the Graco Myride.
Taite at that time will then move into Calebs current Graco Nautilus carseat (which we love as well).
Then Caleb will finally go into a booster seat. 🙂 -after all, hes over 6, 4 foot and a few inches tall and 52lbs. I think its time he make the move 🙂

I have also made the decision to keep Owen rear facing until hes 18 months or so…

Why?… Joels Journey made my mind up on that…
Although I do not believe in living in fear… in the “what if he had been rear facing” etc..etc… I do believe this information is out there for a reason and I think we each have to make our own decision in regards to things like this. For me, if the seat will function for him rear facing until that time, then I will stick with it as long as its working. Although I do worry a little about his comfort… since he is VERY TALL.

So the 18 mo mark may change.. but for now, thats my goal 🙂

*Btw. I was informed that on black friday the Graco Myride will be $118 at Babies R Us ;-)*

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14 Responses to Better safe… than sorry

  1. Heather says:

    Kezi is quite tall too (very long torso) and fits quite comfortably in the MyRide at 19 months. I think it’s a great seat!

  2. Gage is petite, if I must admit it. He’s going to be a year in just a few days. wow. He’s going to be rear facing as long as I (he) can stand it.

  3. Stacey says:

    Do you need to wait until Owen is a year to move him out of the infant seat? The MyRide goes rear facing too, and is probably more comfy for Owen anyway 🙂 I have no idea what they say about going over the weight limits for seats.

    • Dreawood says:

      @Stacey, Hey Stacey, mmm probably not, He can fit in it now 🙂 so can Taite. We put them both in it, in the store.. cause I wanted to make sure Owen could use it at Taites age too. Caleb was HUGE in it LOL, he def has to be in the nautilus if he was going to use a 5 point harness seat. But yea, I think i want owen in the baby one longer because I do sometimes take it with me for him to sit in. So its more of a convenience thing 🙂

  4. gooddog says:

    I love reading your blog and rarely post but read daily!
    Anyway, I felt like I had to say something- please google going over the weight limit in baby seats. It may not be a big deal but i was always told that the straps on the seat were not guaranteed to hold baby in once they are over the weight limit in an accident because of the added stress on them. I just couldn’t not mention it and something happen.
    I think you are a WONDERFUL and HONEST mother and I love that!
    Blessings on your continued journey. 🙂

    • Dreawood says:

      @gooddog, Wow I never even thought abt that! Owen height wise still fits in his infant chicco.. but hes def past the weight limit.
      I guess I may as well move him up into his new one. Was just hoping to get some extra convenience use out of the chicco 🙂 cause we love being able to pop it out if need be.

      Thanks Heather!

      • Stacey says:

        @Dreawood, Is it really convenient to lug around a heavy baby in an infant seat though? I always hated it, and I’m not as tiny as you, lol 🙂 I like the idea that Dusty shared. Or just use your stroller, or a baby carrier. I only had an infant seat for Emery for about 3 1/2 months, and it hasn’t been a problem at all.

        And as for rear facing, Bria would still be rear facing (she’s 37 pounds) but because of winter boots, I turned her forward facing. The van would be a mess with the snow all over the seat. She was perfectly comfy. In fact, it was great for traveling longer distances because it was better for sleeping, and her legs didn’t get tired from dangling.

      • Dreawood says:

        @Stacey, I dont lug it, Travis does LOL! Its heavy but it is nice to have that seat in a place that may not have a place for him to seat.. and I like having my hands free. Even with a carrier its sometimes hard to serve dinner to 2 other kids, when im having to hold a baby.. so yea I like having it. I may just keep the infant seat IN the car, in the back, incase I need that. Cause I really do like having it. But no I dont typically carry Owen IN the actual seat, 23 lbs plus an 11 lbs seat is a big heavy for me 😉 then again I carry Taite sometimes and hes 30 some pounds. 😉

  5. Dusty says:

    If they’re over the weight limit of the seat it can cause over-rotation in a crash which could be just as bad for head/neck injuries as being forward-facing too soon and I don’t know if I’d trust the straps, either. If it’s just to have the baby seat for him to sit in when you get where you’re going, could you just keep the baby seat in the trunk/back of the car to use just for that? I know it’s a pain – my two both outgrew the infant seat by the time they were 4 months old.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about his comfort with extended rear-facing. Kids are really flexible and DD (will be 3 in March and pretty tall for her age) rode rear-facing until she was a little over 2 and she was really comfortable still. I only turned her because she kept unbuckling herself and I couldn’t see that she was unbuckled. I decided it was safer to have her buckled in and forward facing than just floating around back there!

  6. Blythe says:

    I am thinking Jace would like this seat you just bought. You saw how he tries to sit up in his. He just doesn’t seem very comfortable in it. He’s about 18 lbs now so I think he’d be good weight/height wise for this one.

  7. Brynna says:

    Glad to see this! Carter is 8.5 months and still in his SafeSeat (up to 30lbs/32″) but we’ll likely switch him by 1 year. We really like our girls’ Recaro seats for the side protection (my DH is an EMT and those were his pick for them) but unless I find another steal of a deal on those (I got them for $120 each) we’re going to have to pass. So I’ve really been considering the MyRide.

  8. heather says:

    We have the myride and love it! Emerson has been in hers since about 5 mths when she got too heavy to tote around in her infant carrier. I know bwhat you mean Andrea about the convenience of them being able to be sitting in the infant seat when you go somewhere. That was the one thing I missed. Until Emerson got big enough to sit in a high chair at a resturant or in a shopping cart when in a store I just had to take her in her stroller. I hope you and Owen enjoy the seat!

  9. Becca says:

    I think you take them out at the weight limit, the height, or one year. It may not be safe to keep him in it. Both our boys were 25 lbs by 4/5 months. It’s no fun because my 5 mo can’t sit up in a restaurant or grocery basket, so I have to keep the carrier in the back. Coordinating getting my 23 mo out of the car, the 5 mo, and the carrier out of the back is hard!

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