Great Wolf Lodge 2010

When we lived in Northern Ohio we became familiar with a place called The Great Wolf Lodge.
This was something totally new to us. Growing up in the south all of our water parks were OUTDOORS… after all, its pretty warm here most of the year.

We never did go to the Great Wolf Lodge to swim in Ohio… we went once to see a Christmas performance there… but that was it.

Want to see a flash back? 😉

Big fireplace!

That was pre-Taite!! – So just Travis, Caleb and I… man that seems forever ago, but at the same time, not really.

The one water park we did go to while living in Ohio however, was Kalahari. It was similar to the Great Wolf Lodge.

Want another flash back?


Also pre-Taite!! This photo was taken back in 2005!

Now for fun, here is one taken this week!


Notice something familiar in the photos?

Im wearing the same cover up! haha…

We didn’t manage a group shot with all the kids… thats near impossible in a place like this… but we got some fun candids and videos of the events. Taking a nice camera into a place like this is dangerous IMO 🙂 – so I only kept the camera out for an hour or so… then it went back into the bag. We kept the video camera out more than anything else… since it was water proof.

IMG_8944So… why did we decide to go to the Great Wolf Lodge all of a sudden?

We got in on a great deal through the HOME SCHOOL GROUP we are a part of…
We were able to get our room (a suite w/ the cutest bunk bed set up ever), our passes to the park (and the lady at the front threw in an extra pass so my parents could both get in under our cost – which was awesome! – that alone saved my parents $80), we also got a breakfast buffet (::sigh:: ate to much) & the water park passes were good for that day (Wednesday) as well as the next day (Thursday).

The room cost alone would normally cost $390.00 – yea, yikes!!

We got everything for a few dollars over $200. Im not scared to share that, because I think its a great deal for what we got & I am excited to have gotten in on such a deal through the home school group. We have heard that they do this promo every year for Home Schoolers… so we might try to make it a yearly event 🙂 – next time maybe bring along a few friends 😉

We rarely splurge on any thing like this… but I had some extra income from mini sessions come in, so I was able to do this for the family.

The kids had a blast!


I was surprised at how brave Caleb was… he was a bit hesitant at 1st… but with some “super cheerful” motivation, he ended up riding all the rides he was tall enough for. Height btw may hinder the fun at the park for those with kids under 42 inches. Taite was shy that mark by 1 inch! Poor kid didnt get to ride hardly any cool slides… but he still had fun regardless.

I was also surprised at how well Owen did. He didnt really care for the water… it was a bit to chilly for him. He got in for a bit the 1st night, but not for long. Most of the time he spent it in someones arms, his stroller or asleep in a sling 🙂 – He seriously is the easiest baby. I dont recall one time the entire 2 days that he cried. Really? did he cry? cause if he did, I missed it. I was also surprised at how well he did going to bed the 1st night. He zonked right out in the hotels pack-n-play… and even with our kids in their bunks chit chatting, watching TV and us getting ready for bed, he never stirred…



Now that brings me to the bad part about the Great Wolf Lodge.

IMG_8929Their beds… ARE HORRIBLE! At least the queen/full sized bed… the bunks actually didnt seem to bad – Maybe im picky… but a bed ONE, shouldnt be harder than the floor. Also, more importantly, the bed sheets shouldnt feel like cheap paper towels. No really… these felt cheaper than cheap.. they were so stiff… I felt like someone had sprayed them with that stuff you put on mens dress shirts. I tossed and turned from 11-2:30am, until finally, I just got up. I got up, read a few emails, checked a few blogs… and then I made the decision to go find some softer blankets.

I went upstairs to the Lobby at 3am… oh yes, in a small night gown LOL! – No one was around, except this one man at the front desk. I looked at him and said “Uhhh… so … my baby took my soft blanket, its in his pack-n-play making it softer for him, can I get a few more blankets” – I was in such a loopy daze, the man just kinda looked at me LOL. I am sure he was wondering “Why the heck did she wait til 3am to get more blankets?” HAHA – but.. none the less, he found me another blanket… and when I went back into our room… I pulled open the SLEEPER SOFA… Yup… while everyone was sleeping im moving furniture around. I manage to do this without waking anyone up…

I laid down on the sleeper sofa.. and wow… so much better!


Now that just goes to show how bad their REGULAR BEDS were… If your sleeper sofa is better than your normal bed, theres something wrong.

I lay down, get cozy and warm in the SOFT blankets they gave me… and as soon as I start to doze off…

Owster decides to get up… 3:30am…

::sigh:: – I race to find him a bottle… give it to him in the pack-n-play.. he CHUGS It…
I thought he would go right back out.

Owen had other plans.

He decides to run his finger nails up and down the sides of the pack-n-play… and thennnnn decides to coo. oooo and POOP.

So here I was at 4am changing a poopie diaper… then Owen decides he cant sleep in his pack-n-play any more…
He needs to sleep next to me, on the newly found soft sleeper sofa with soft blankets.

So at around 4:15am, I give him a little bit more milk to sooth him, after wiping his butt with really cold wipes…
He btw has the most horrible diaper rash!! His 1st rash ever 😦
Then by 4:30 he zonks out right beside my head… where we both then go right to sleep…

Only to be awoken by him yanking on my face at 7:20 or so in the morning.

And no… I did not wake up with a joyful attitude… I was so tired… and am already a bad morning person.
Imagine a bad morning person after nights of this sort of sleep.
It was mushed icing on top of my cake for sure…
His cute hands pinching my face, despite that kind of hurting, was sort of sweet…
Sleep however, would of been sweeter.

Despite the rough night, the park was fantastic.

We had a great time.


Id def recommend the park to anyone with kids over 42 inches tall 😉
If your child is under that height, just know they will be limited in what they can do.

Also if you are going to sleep at the Wolf Lodge, bring your own sheets! 🙂 and an air mattress LOL!

Now to end, here are a few more photos…
I may include some captions as well…
At the end ill include a few videos too.








IMG_8969 IMG_8970 IMG_8967

As you can tell, Owen was the only one that would really sit for pictures 🙂


Oh… the story time… kindaaaa lame :-\
Our kids were interested in it for maybe 8 minutes, maybe.
Ok maybe 5.


The one other thing our kids would of loved to do was the Magi-Quest.
They had places all throughout the wolf lodge that reacted to these wands.
Kids could point their wands at different wolves, bears, etc.. and they’d do things.
It was pretty cool.

However each wand cost $20! [rip]
On top of that there were accessories for the wands, prices to do the quest…
I think it would end up cost close to $100 per kid to really do the entire quest thing.

We just couldnt afford that.

Our kids did well without it though… and even got to enjoy some “wand” play – after
meeting some brothers that morning before breakfast.

Below are some videos for your amusement 🙂
Must sees I think.

Caleb going down the larger group slide for the 1st time.
*Note: Im screaming and being over exaggerated to try and get Caleb to react. He was kind of nervous at 1st 😉
But he ends up smiling at the end and wanted to ride it again.

Travis and I going down the Howling Tornado aka THE TOILET BOWL
*This ride was AWESOMEEEE!!! The video does not do it justice.
It was so wild that I couldnt physically HOLD the camera.
I shoved it into what little clevage I had LOL – and what was filmed, was what it pointed at 😉 –
and yes, at one point I say I have to pee.

& in case you missed this earlier in the week.
Heres a video of My dad, Travis and I on the Canyon River Ride.

Now to end…
Heres a picture my mom snagged with my cell.
It was taken the last morning at the lodge.
Owen caught himself a nap…
Sweet sweet cuddles 🙂


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9 Responses to Great Wolf Lodge 2010

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks like a great time.

  2. Robyn says:

    Those bunk beds are awesome!

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Too bad we live too far to get down there!

    Is that hebrew on Travis’ arm? It’s hard to tell, but it looks awfully close to a hebrew font. What does it say?

  3. mumsy says:

    That was a steal for $200! Looks like the kids had an awesome time too. 🙂

  4. melissa says:

    it’s official…i need a ring sling! that last picture is too sweet! thanks for sharing the videos.. they were lots of fun!

  5. Renee says:

    wow so much fun!!!

  6. Tara Dew says:

    Wow! I’ve had some friends tell us about the Great Wolf Lodge but never seen pictures of it! How fun!!! Once ours are over 42″ we will definitely be going!

    PS. Your videos were hilarious! Jamie and I laughed so hard at Travis’ face and screams on the 2nd one, and I love the shot of you and Travis on the 3rd one. Way cute!

  7. Davene says:

    This was a fun post to read! Well, all except the part about your rough night – oy!

    I’ve heard about the Homeschool Days at Great Wolf Lodge, but the skeptical part of me always wondered if it really saved much money or not. I’m glad to hear that it actually does! Maybe one of these years, we’ll go…but maybe not until all our boys are over 42″. 🙂

  8. I am so really happy after reading this post as well as I concur with the very last part of this post. However, I’ve truly read this particular somewhere else too. Have you got any other website too?

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