Finally a Physical

olivegardenThis morning I took all 3 boys to the Pediatrician for Caleb & Taite’s physicals.
They haven’t been in over a year and were due check ups for boy scouts and pre-school.
So I made the apt. to have them seen at the same time… with the Dr. of my choice πŸ™‚ & we were on our way.

All went well.
Owen napped on the way, and Travis just so happen to be in town so he dropped by to help.
I got there at 10am… and we were checked out by 11am. You really can’t beat that!

Both the boys hearing and eyes are 100%
The are both high on the charts for height, Taite at the 98th for height and Caleb the 90th! Funny thing is, we always thought Taite was tiny… but the Dr. assured us, hes really tall for his age… and very articulate!

Both boys are average for weight according to the 1980 weight percentiles… he said according to todays charts they are smaller than most kids in the weight… but he said that was a good thing.

Over all we have 2 very healthy strong growing boys on our hands… and we are so thankful for that.

Owen is right along with them. I decided to weigh him while at the Dr’s office, and he was right at 23lbs, with clothes/diaper on -so Id say 22lbs without all that. Hes chunking up big time!!

The Dr. told us our boys were so well behaved, he was very impressed. Always nice to hear.

After the Dr. I decided to run a few errands with the boys… (alone) – and it went very smooth.

After we finished the shopping we had to stop some place for lunch and bathroom breaks… I made the decision to go to Olive Garden :-\
I didnt want fast food… our boys did, just because theres a play ground… Instead I got them a cheap dollar store toy πŸ˜‰ – and told them if they got a toy, we’d have to eat at Olive Garden instead, they agree’d that be just as cool, since, they got a toy πŸ˜€

We enjoyed a salad, bread sticks (ohhh so good, but mmm, ill regret it later im sure), and then we all 3 split a pasta dish. All the food was gone! The boys were so awesome and the couple behind us said they were some of the best behaved kids they’ve seen. WOW! Now they should come see us on a bad day πŸ˜‰ – lol

Owen was great too. He enjoyed a fresh avocado (I had with me) and some bread stick pieces.

We ended our trip with a DVD to keep them awake on the 45 min. trip home… and then when we got in around 1pm, it was nap time.. and mommys chill time.

Now I am off to the chiropractor to have my neck checked out…
I think I messed it up going down those crazy water slides this week…
:-\ but Im sure the adjustment will get me feeling right again.

Oh… and just have to say..

All of us ate (Caleb, Taite, Owen and I) at Olive Garden for $10.75 – total!! that included our tax…

We would of paid close to that at Wendys… so to me, well worth the stop at Olive Garden instead πŸ™‚


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32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @
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8 Responses to Finally a Physical

  1. Sarah says:

    Yummy! Olive Garden. Sounds like your boys are very well behaved. Maybe they can come rub off on Dustyn.

  2. Renee says:

    Good to hear that all the boys are doing so well, Good job Drea πŸ™‚

  3. Megan C. says:

    I can hardly resist a good Olive Garden salad and breadsticks meals! Yummm! And great job with such well behaved boys! That has to make you feel proud and blessed! All those days when we moms get close to tears wondering if we are making a difference in our kids lives just fade away when you see the rewards from the effort you put into them. Great job!

  4. Laura says:

    Yum—love Olive Garden! Someone gave me a coupon for a free kid’s meal there and I told the girls we will be going soon!

    An elderly couple came up to me in a restaurant at the Outer Banks once when I was there with all 3 girls by myself and told me how well behaved my girls were. It was a great chance to talk about how people really do notice if we are behaving nicely. πŸ™‚ It is always nice to hear that as a mommy! I know you were so proud of them today!

  5. Cara says:

    Wow, your boys are big fellas! Owen’s my babys age, right? (Mine is 8.5 months) and is *tiny* in comparison. We were at the dr yesterday – 14lb 12oz.

    And a side note, we were at a wedding today. My great uncle (who hasn’t seen us in a couple years) was so complimentary on how well behaved our children were. Not just well behaved, like they sat there like statues (because they sure didn’t sit still) but he actually said that they are lively and energetic, friendly and fun to be around, and joyous. I’ll take that compliment any day.

    • Dreawood says:

      @Cara, yeah all my boys are huge… they did not take after me in size πŸ™‚
      Its kinda cool tho, when they are grown ill be their lil mama they can take care of haha..

  6. ElisabethCS says:

    I take my boys for a physical on Wed…My birthday;)

    Sounds like you guys had a great appt and a fun day out of the house.
    The Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurants. Last time we were there the hubby commented on how we won’t be able to eat for under $30 when the kids get older…right now we split something and the kids get kid-meals, but we always have leftovers, which is great…dinner that night:)

    Did you think of the olive garden because you had an olive in your diaper bag? lol I’m going to try to give Gibson an olive when he starts eating solids.

    • Dreawood says:

      @ElisabethCS, Im a small eater… so when we go as a family of 4, we get 1 dish, i love tuscan chicken but i think they dont have that any more, its chicken scampi now, we get the salad bowl (only once filled if u fill it twice its an extra $3.50), i get all waters (free!), and garlic bread (free!), after all that we are usually all full, seriously. Sometimes if Travis’ isnt, he can order a dessert. We have gone as an entire family and eaten for under $15.00 – no lie! πŸ™‚

      Im not an olive fan, but I bet owen would eat that lol

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