Camp Out

IMG_8728I’ve mentioned on my blog maybe once or twice how we decided to enroll Caleb into boy scouts this year. Since we are home schooling we felt it would be wise to get him involved into some activities. Since Caleb has never shown interest into sports… and I honestly am not into sports myself (it must be genetic haha..), we opted for boy scouts.

Caleb from the get go has been so excited about everything!
When we purchased his uniform he was beyond proud of it! This boy loves to dress nice… and to see a shirt with badges, his troop number, belt, hat & more, he was set!

IMG_1836Last weekend Travis took the boys on their 1st Boy Scout Camp out. Taite went as well despite him not officially being in boy scouts… Travis figured they’d both enjoy it. I went out there for a few hours the 1st night… just to see where my boys would be. I of course had to grab a few pictures… and then handed my husband the camera and asked him to do the same. I wanted to be able to see what I was missing!

The trip went well! Except for one thing..

It got very cold.

It was the 1st night that the temps got to around 32 degrees… and well, in a tent, with no heater, it was chilly!

Caleb and Travis did well. However, Taite didn’t… and at 7:30am the next morning I get a message from Travis asking me to pick Taite up. That Taite was crying… complaining… just pretty miserable little guy.

It worked out though… Owen, Taite and I had a good time eating lunch together that day out at subway… and then watched a movie, where Taite then so exhausted from a rough night in the tent, zonked out on the sofa, and then slept for 3 1/2 hours!

Caleb & Travis had a great rest of the day with the boy scouts.

Going fishing
Shooting BB Guns
Using a bow and arrows, etc…

Caleb also earned his bob cat badge, along with some other belt loop metals. He was so in love with everything, that on Halloween Day he opted to go as a “Cub Scout” instead of a “Transformer” – because that Cub Scout uniform was WAY COOLER to him now 🙂

Heres some more photos from the trip:






*The larger red tent was ours*

IMG_1832 copy



IMG_1845 copy


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One Response to Camp Out

  1. Jason says:


    These are so great! They look like something out of Boy Scout brochure! It genuinely warms my heart to know that Caleb is so excited to be in the group. Thank you so much for sharing! We’ll see ya’ll soon


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