Owen – 7 months

IMG_8460As each month passes, I can’t believe its going so fast!
Owen turned 7 months old yesterday!
Hes over a half year old…

We enjoy him so much.
He is by far our most laid back baby… and has brought us so much joy.
I can’t get enough of him.

I was actually telling Travis how I MAY want another one sooner than later 🙂 because Owen is so sweet. He then said “Well you do remember what Kelly said about the 3rd, they trick you.” 🙂 meaning the 4th is never as laid back as the 3rd HAHA. We do want more kid(s) – yup I said kids… but as of now I am very content with the 3 boys… and will take our time having a 4th. After all.. I have no desire to go through another pregnancy right now haha… although the blessing is well worth the discomforts.

So back to Owen.

Some new milestones.

He eats more solids now. We can give him those “gerber puff” snacks and he can eat them whole. Which means he can eat a cherrio 🙂 – He also does well eating almost anything semi soft that we break off for him. Including cinnamon coast, pancakes (I havent given him syrup), any kind of bread really… I still give him home made baby puree’s but I have a feeling we will be leaving that stage sooner than later.

To those curious what foods Owen has eaten so far… heres a list:

  1. Sweet Potato
  2. Peaches
  3. Blueberries/Peaches together
  4. Banana
  5. Apple
  6. Pear
  7. Avocado (he did not like this – but im going to attempt a blend recipe soon)
  8. Mango
  9. Butternut Squash
  10. Brown Rice
  11. Broccoli and Cauliflower
  12. Carrots
  13. Green Beans
  14. Garden Peas
  15. Baked Potato (or mashed)
  16. Noodles (I gave him some of my home made chicken noodle soup one time)
  17. Kiwi (this I wont give him again til later though. He isnt allergic to it, but because its high in acid, he got a slight diaper rash after eating it.. from what I read online this is common, and they usually recommend you wait until baby is 10 mo or older before giving it to them, because of that. But he did love it!)

and I think thats it… Hes had a lot! so far no allergies


Owen also has been slowly introduced to a sippy cup. SLOWLY… he gets the idea of it, but would much rather use a bottle.

He still doesn’t really take a pacifier. When I rock him to sleep (not common, but sometimes I do), I will use a pacifier… but besides that he pretty much just chews on one.

He still adores his blanket my mom made him. He HAS to have that when he sleeps.

He sits up so so… My boys dont rush through the movement milestones… and honestly Im grateful for it. Whats the rush 🙂 – after age 1 they dont stop… so im in no hurry to have a crawler 🙂 – Owen can roll from back to front, front to back, and can sit up SOME, but has no concept of gravity and has to be watched carefully.

Owen weighs close to 20lbs now… I think hes like 18.5
Hes just over 28 inches long.
He is getting new hair in 🙂

Ohhhh and he has TWO teeth! Speaking of teeth… if you haven’t signed up for my Baltic Amber Necklace giveaway, YOU SHOULD. Im giving away one of the necklaces Owen is wearing in these photos… which I give his great teething credit.

Owen is really all smiles and laughs.



Who could ask for more 🙂

About dreawood

32 Yr old Mom to 4 boys. Married to a former Cop who now Pastors a Evangelical church in SC. Professional Photographer and random blogger @ www.dreawood.com
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10 Responses to Owen – 7 months

  1. scatterbrain says:

    gorgeous baby boy! so cuddly and cute! Its great that he is eating so well! My daughet was a fussy eater until she turned one. And then overnight she started loving solid food.

  2. carolina says:

    these pictures are so beautiful! and so is the baby boy…such a cutie!! 🙂

  3. Aliesha says:

    what a handsome little man!

  4. Brynna says:

    He is so adorable! So fun to see what other babies around the same age are up to! My little guy is also 7 months (he’ll be 8 months on the 2nd) and he’s about the same size as Owen. He’s also my first to be a little slower (read: normal LOL) in the developmental milestones dept! My first daughter was walking at 7.5 months (courtesy of the encouragement of my “early-walking-inlaws-who-think-all-Smith-babies-should-do-the-same”) daughter #2 at 9 months, so more average), and I am soooooooo ready for a baby who doesn’t walk until after a year. LOL Though my little man does the “army crawl” all over the place, so I guess it doesn’t matter….he still gets around and into everything. Your little guy is definitely ahead of mine on eating though! LOL We haven’t even started solids because he’s definitely not ready (surprising, as we all thought he’d be eating like a maniac by now) and it’s looking like another month or so before that’ll happen.

    Oh and speaking of teeth, we have 5, going on 6 now! I cannot believe it. He’s by far my earliest teether…it’s crazy. Our gummy little smile disappeared at 4 months! 😦

  5. Renee says:

    what a gorgeous little man, I can’t believe that he is 7 month already!!! time is sure flying by! Both our second and third baby were pretty lay back, I think maybe I just got the hang of the mother thing LOL Getting ready for #4, no not preggo yet, that I know of lol, but I kinda miss being preggo (minus the morning sickness)

  6. Robyn says:

    I can’t wait to join the 3 boys club soon! I’m almost 31 weeks pregnant with boy #3! Though, we’re done having kids, I would still love to have a baby girl. This pregnancy has been high risk, and I don’t think I could go through another high risk pregnancy again. I hope my 3rd is as laid back as your 3rd! That would be nice!

  7. Ashley says:

    What a sweet, cute boy!
    I just wanted to tell you that my third was extremely easy, content and happy, however, my twins, # 4 and 5, might be even MORE happy and content and easy……….just some food for though!! hee hee

  8. Brynna says:

    Where did you find the shirt you’re wearing in this pic? Every time I look at these pictures I keep thinking how pretty it is!

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